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Range Rover PHEV Now On Sale In Us; Pricing Starts At $78,300

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Land Rover announced updates to the Range Rover model lineup for the 2019 model year. Updates include the introduction of a new P400e plug-in hybrid electric powertrain, Wade Sensing system and expanded Advanced Driver Assistance System functionality.


The 2019 Range Rover P400e is priced at $95,150, while the 2019 Range Rover Sport P400e is priced at $78,300 excluding $995 destination/handling charge.

The Range Rover P400e and Range Rover Sport P400e features the first plug-in hybrid powertrain from Jaguar Land Rover. The P400e is capable of driving up to 31 miles (51km) with zero tailpipe emissions when driven in all-electric mode.

The access point for the 7kW on-board charging socket is located behind the Land Rover badge on right of the grille, at the front of the vehicle, while the 13.1kWh prism-shaped lithium-ion battery is mounted at the rear beneath the trunk floor – a full charge can be achieved in approximately 2 hours and 45 mins using a 220V/32Amp dedicated charger.

The PHEV model is available a home charging lead, which connects to domestic power supplies, as standard.

Customers can use the Land Rover InControl Remote app to remotely monitor the charge status, receiving alerts if there is an error or if the charging cable has been removed.

The gasoline engine and electric motor of the P400e have been calibrated to work in perfect harmony, with two charge management functions available when in Parallel Hybrid mode:

Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO) helps to make the most of both power sources and is activated when the driver enters a destination into the navigation system. By analyzing the traffic, gradient of the route and whether it is an urban or rural environment, the PHEV system is designed to seamlessly combine electric and gasoline engine power to optimize efficiency. This is not available when the vehicle is in Sport mode.

The operation of the PHEV powertrain is supported by an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission, which features lightweight construction and delivers the supreme refinement and assured responses expected from the Range Rover.

All-Terrain Capability

The renowned off-road capability of the Range Rover further expands with the P400e, as its electric motor offers greater control of torque from a standstill. This facilitates improved low-speed control and superior pull-away on low-grip surfaces. The low range transmission can also be operated in pure EV mode; bringing luxurious refinement to all-terrain journeys.

The Range Rover also benefits from the brand’s unique Low Traction Launch System, which helps to exploit available traction when pulling away on low-traction surfaces. Unlike All-Terrain Progress Control, the company’s all-terrain cruise control technology, Low Traction Launch initiates a unique throttle map to provide a more usable torque curve. The system is specifically designed to help drivers pull-away from a standstill on slippery surfaces such as wet grass, loose gravel and snow.

Hill Descent Control is also fitted as standard, while excellent ground clearance and a smooth underfloor help the vehicle negotiate rough terrain.


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