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Red Shield Administration: Vehicle Protection Plan Benefits

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Red Shield Administration offers vehicle protection plans to different consumers with varying needs. It is an industry leader in protection plans with thousands of clients.

Therefore, this company is the ideal source of information on vehicle protection plans. For instance, if you need to know what a vehicle protection plan is, there isn’t a better place to go for an answer than an industry leader like Red Shield Administration.

What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A vehicle protection plan is a form of vehicle coverage that promises to cover repairs for specific vehicle components in case of a mechanical breakdown. It is additional coverage for your car’s maintenance and repairs.

Naturally, a manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs. However, a vehicle protection plan is your saving grace when a manufacturer’s warranty expires. For this reason, some people also refer to a vehicle protection plan as a vehicle service contract.

The protection plans feature three parties; the administrator (the company offering the plan), the policyholder (driver or vehicle owner), and the repair shop.

The administrators usually partner with auto repair shops that offer repair and maintenance services. Therefore, while the administrator does not offer direct repair services, they link their policyholders with reliable auto repair shops.

So, if you experience mechanical issues with your car and have a vehicle protection plan, you need to file a claim, and the company will connect you with the nearest auto repair shop.

Leading protection plan administrators, like Red Shield Administration, have simplified their claiming process. You can file a claim online and expect an instant response.

Depending on the plan, your administrator may also offer towing services or provide an alternative rental vehicle for you to use as yours gets fixed.

What Are the Benefits of a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A picture of some extra money saved with a vehicle protection plan from Red Shield.

Vehicle protection plan providers like Red Shield Administration attract many clients because of the numerous benefits the protection plans offer. Below are some of the benefits you will get from this provider.

Peace of Mind

Like any protection cover, a vehicle protection plan provides you with peace of mind. The manufacturer’s warranty gives you peace when you have a new vehicle because you know they will handle any mechanical issues.

However, what happens once the warranty expires? Also, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover issues like repairs from accidental damages unrelated to manufacturing issues.

If you have a vehicle protection plan, you can file a claim online or call your provider for help if your vehicle develops mechanical issues. Depending on your plan and the services, the Red Shield Administration will send help to you as soon as possible and take your vehicle to an approved maintenance and repair shop.

So, even if the issue occurs in the middle of a busy highway, you can count on this protection plan provider.

Helps Save You Money

A vehicle protection plan also saves you money. The protection plan usually spreads out the repair and maintenance costs over a long period. So, you need not worry about breaking your bank in case of a mechanical issue or breakdown.

The installment payments remove the financial pinch you would feel from cutting a big check to cover repair and maintenance costs. The leading vehicle protection plan provider, Red Shield Administration, partners with auto repair shops to ease service delivery.

While forging these partnerships, they negotiate prices to ensure their clients get cost-effective services. Therefore, the amounts the repair shops charge you do not compare to what they charge regular clients. This also helps you save money.

A Vehicle Protection Plan Provides Additional and Extended Coverage

While manufacturers offer warranties, they usually do exclude a lot of things. For instance, most warranties do not cover specific issues. So, vehicle protection coverage fills the gap left by warranties.

This means you do not need to wait for your warranty to expire before getting a vehicle protection plan. Additionally, a warranty only lasts for a specific amount of time. So, once it expires, you can count on a protection plan.

Saves Time

A benefit that most people do not talk about is how much time a vehicle protection plan can save you. Conventionally, when your vehicle breaks down on the road, you must wait for towing services and waste time developing an action plan. So, a broken-down car may halt all other plans you have for the day.

However, if you have a Red Shield Administration protection plan, you only need to submit a claim, and the administrator will guide you on what to do next. For instance, they will connect you with a local dealer who will organize your car’s towing to the repair shop.

The administrator will also organize a rental car for you to use as your car gets fixed. This means you can continue your activities, knowing that your car is in good hands.

Helps You Find Reliable Repair Shops

Finding a reliable repair shop for your vehicle is not an easy task. This is especially true if your car breaks down in an unfamiliar place. However, if you have a vehicle protection plan, you need not worry about researching the best repair shop.

A Red Shield Administration attendant will link you with an authorized network of reliable auto repair shops.

Increases Resale Value

Most people do not know that you can transfer your vehicle protection plan contract to a new owner if you decide to sell the car. So, a protection plan can increase your car’s resale value. 


Red Shield Administration offers various vehicle protection plans. Additionally, the company offers various coverage levels, like WRAP, premier, premium, preferred, and powertrain.

The different levels offer varying forms of coverage. WARP is the most basic level, while the power train is the highest. Also, the premiums or installment payments differ depending on the coverage level.

Besides regular protection plans, the company also offers towing, battery jump starting, flat tire changing, lockout assistance, and fuel delivery services. They also offer rental cars, transferable, and nationwide protections. These additional benefits are why Red Shield Administration is a leader in the protection plan sector.

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