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Reducing the Potential for Oil Field Soil Contamination Through Better Construction

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The oil industry is booming in the United States. Production is at levels that are previously unheard of and is forecast to grow. You want to find a construction company that will create an oil field that is free from the potential of soil contamination.

Oil Field

The Dangers to the Environment

Petroleum can prove harsh to the environment and unsafe if it escapes pipes, pumps, and storage tanks. It can become a fire hazard and will find a way to leach down into the soil and access the water table. It will eventually render the water in the area unsafe to drink. It can lead to liability issues.

Quality New Construction

You need to seek experienced oil field construction Texas that has an excellent track record of using durable materials and equipment that lasts for years. Every precaution should be taken to ensure the soil remains uncontaminated. Utilizing experts in the oil field construction industry will understand the process of constructing a safe site.

Replacing Old, Leaking Tanks

No matter how much you spend on tanks and other oilfield equipment, there will come a time that it needs replacement. You need to seek an assessment by an oilfield construction specialist if you suspect there might be a leak in the pumping system or tanks.

Removing Contaminated Soil

Soil that is contaminated will have to be removed and the contaminants are taken out. The sooner this can be done, the less likely it is to have made it down into the water table. An expert analysis will help determine the extent of the problem. New tanks can be installed once the soil contamination is eliminated.

The technical aspects of constructing an oil field that is safe and securely holds the petroleum products require a construction company with experience. It is vital to hire a construction company that fully understands the value of safe and high-quality materials.

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