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Renault Designs The First Demountable Laguna For The Fire Brigade Helping To Save Lives

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Nov 22, 2012– Paris, France  (AutoReleased) – Renault Designs The First Demountable Laguna For The Fire Brigade Helping To Save Lives. Renault gave the fire brigade in Les Yvelines near Paris the keys to a unique vehicle fresh out of the prototype center: a Laguna that can be fully demounted and reused.

Renault Demountable Laguna For The Fire Brigade
Renault Demountable Laguna For The Fire Brigade

Designed for training fire fighters, the car can be used to practice emergency rescue maneuvers, including accessing victims, minus the extrication phase. With this new action, Renault is contributing to the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety goal of cutting global road deaths by 50% by 2020.

The maneuvers to extricate victims often require cutting through the vehicles. This is obviously irreversible! So we had an idea of designing a training vehicle that would be entirely demountable and remountable,” explains Claire Petit Boulanger, Tertiary Safety Officer at the Corporate Social Responsibility Division.
Renault’s technical and financial support for the project fits into the Group’s overall CSR strategy. Experts from Vehicle Prototype Engineering, Electrics, Hand Bodywork, Painting, Modeling and Development Mules worked together on the project to meet the detailed specifications drafted by the fire brigade. The aim was simple: produce a vehicle that could be quickly and completely demounted and remounted without tools. Other desirables were: a vehicle that could be moved easily, and fully operational seats with removable backs.
The teams rose to the challenge. Today, following seven weeks of work, they delivered the first Laguna in “kit” form. Excess parts, like the engine, fuel tank and safety parts like airbags, have been removed.  The steering wheel and column work, making it easy to maneuver the vehicle.

In accordance with the specifications, the Laguna can be fully demounted in less than five minutes. This feat is made possible by horizontal and vertical hinges on the inside of the car, enabling the doors and boot to be removed, and to fast connectors on the center pillar. Renault also soldered caravan jacks under the floor to stabilize the vehicle in all situations. There is also a smoke simulator, to teach fire fighters what to do first in the event of a fire.

The unique Laguna was designed under the partnership between Renault and France’s national federation of fire brigades signed on June 21, 2012. The group has committed to several projects to help fire fighters act fast in road accidents or vehicle fires. Renault’s support includes donating vehicles, developing teaching materials (videos, apps for tablet computers, etc.), and providing training in electric vehicles.

Road safety is a fundamental aspect of Renault’s corporate social responsibility strategy. This approach, which promotes life and innovation for people, is essential to Renault’s mandate to “make sustainable mobility accessible to all”.

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