Revealed: The Technology Making People Buy Volkswagen Vans

When it comes to van technology, Volkswagen is arguably up there with the best in terms of the amazing features and technologies offered to drivers. These technologies are often designed with fuel economy and the environment in mind but with the added bonus of making drivers and owners’ lives on the road easier.

Volkswagen Vans

So what is it about Volkswagen vans that makes them one of the most-popular choices for panel vans in Europe and beyond? Here is an insight into the current technologies used in them.

4Motion All-Wheel-Drive

4Motion is the name given to Volkswagen’s four-wheel drive technology. Many people often see this technology used on the German firm’s cars, but not many folks realise that it’s also used extensively on their vans, as well.

Available on the Caddy and Transporter amongst other models, 4Motion is a useful driver aid that helps to get you to your destination safely. The way it works is pretty interesting; if one of your wheels loses grip on the road, the 4Motion system compensates by sending more engine power to the other three wheels.

I think what’s really good about 4Motion is that it works even if you have a full cargo load at the back of your van! It is worth noting that 4Motion isn’t obviously a substitute for driving around on tyres with good tread and grip on them!


Another one of Volkswagen’s popular van technologies is BlueMotion. According to the Vanwise Group, BlueMotion is actually a collection of useful van technologies. They are as follows:


  • Energy recuperation – also known in the motor industry as “regenerative braking”, this particular technology reuses some of the energy that is wasted while braking to send power to the alternator and recharge the battery. The idea behind this technology is that it helps to reduce fuel costs, making you one eco-friendly van driver;

  • Start/stop technology – a lot of modern cars have this technology these days. In a nutshell, when you stop at a set of traffic lights, for example, you waste fuel and increase exhaust emissions. With start/stop technology, you simply put your van into neutral when you are waiting for the lights to go green and the engine will automatically switch off. When you’re good to go, put your foot down on the clutch and the engine will restart, as if by magic;

  • Smarter wheels – as part of the energy-saving and driver-assistive technologies that Volkswagen encompass in BlueMotion, tyres with a lower rolling resistance are fitted to the vans;

  • Cruise control – not really a feature you would often see on vans, cruise control is a tried-and-tested method of lowering fuel bills by keeping your van driving at the same speed. It’s extremely useful on highways and motorways, and other long roads where you seldom have to slow down or brake.

Direct-Shift Gearbox

Often shortened to “DSG”, this essentially refers to a clever semi-automatic transmission. It’s a great way of helping your van’s engine to run as efficiently as possible, and it also enables those with an automatic-only driving licence to drive Volkswagen vans.

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