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Secrets Of Buying A Car That Dealerships Would Rather You Didn’t Know About

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A lot of people are wary about buying a new car. Especially because dealerships are one of the most common places to do. It can’t be said of all of them, but a vast amount of car dealers are notorious for weaseling the best deal they can get. The best deal for them isn’t always the best for you, however. So in this guide, we’re going to focus on how to make sure they don’t get the upper hand over you. We’re going to look at how you can tilt the tide of the negations a lot more in your favor.

Car Dealership

Your financing

The financing options that you have to play with play a big part in how to negotiate car purchases. First, you need to make sure you have your finance pre-approved, not relying on the kind of financing deals you’ll get at the dealership. It’s best to keep the details of that financing secret. In fact, it can be best to act like you’re willing to pay in cash. Dealers will often go lower on cash deals because they get a lot of their commission on financing options, not cash deals. Be crafty about how much you reveal where your finances are concerned.

When to go

Another important factor that will play into things is what time you go. The balance of power in a negotiation between buyer and dealer relies heavily on how the market is. On days that are busy, dealers have a lot more chances to score those bigger deals for them. If you’re not willing to pay how they ask, they’ll simply go another prospective buyer. However, if you go on a day that’s not busy, they will want your custom no matter what. This gives you a lot more room to get the deal you want.

Learn to say no

It’s not just the financing that dealers will get you with. A lot of people get too worn down by the negotiations and find themselves agreeing to extras and services. Often ones they don’t need or can get elsewhere for a better price. Be firm. Know what you want from a car before you go there and be vigilant against some of the more seductive offers. It’s not just the extras you should be prepared to say no. You can always find a better deal, so don’t let dealers pressure you. Be ready to walk away from the table.

Take a closer look

It’s not just the purchasing options you should do your research on. You should do as much on checking the car and getting it inspected. Any problems you spot are an extra bargaining chip in your favor, particularly with used cars. But it’s also a good idea to know more about the kind of cars you’re looking at. Particularly, the market value, depreciation and other aspects of it. An ill-informed customer is every greedy dealer’s dream come true. Make sure it isn’t you by being well informed about the car you want to buy.

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