Signs That You Need Brake Work

Car ownership comes with responsibilities. You have to obey the laws of the road, but you also have to ensure that your vehicle is in good working condition. A well-maintained vehicle protects you and everyone else on the road. For example, your good brakes may save you and others from an accident. Therefore, look for these signs that you may need brake work and call a reputable brake service Big Rapids MI to check your brakes.

Delayed Stopping

If you press your brakes, and it takes longer than normal to stop, you may be facing brake fade. This damage is typically caused by riding your breaks. Driving along winding, steep roads often requires some braking to help you maneuver the vehicle safely. Riding your breaks causes them to heat up, which, over time, reduces the friction necessary to fully stop the vehicle.

Squealing or Clicking Noises

If you hear screechy, buzzing or rasping noises as you drive, pay attention to whether they stop when you press your brakes. If they do, your wear indicators may be telling you that your brake pads are low. Wear indicators, metal tabs at the top of your brake pad, give off a screeching noise when your brake pads are dangerously low.

Clicking noises suggest that your brake pads are wobbling around. They may not have been installed properly, or they may have come loose. Lose brake pads click when you press and pull your foot off the brake.

Vehicle Pulls to the Side

When you press your brake pedal, does your car pull to one side or the other? This pulling indicates that your brake pads are wearing unevenly, which is a common issue. However, your steering column, ball joints, wheel bearings and other parts of the steering rack can be damaged if you do not replace your brake pads. Although this issue is also caused by uneven tire pressure or other malfunction, have your vehicle checked out to prevent further damage.

Protect yourself and your vehicle by working with a reputable mechanic on any braking issues.

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