Smart Tips For Improving Visibility On The Road

Thanks to the advances of technology, motorists are easier to spot on the road in adverse weather conditions. Headlights and taillights are brighter, bigger and more durable. But even so, there are some cases where freak weather conditions can make life difficult on the road.

Do you want to make sure that your view of the road is good at all times? If so, today’s handy guide will tell you all that you need to know!

Smart tipsKeep your car clean

Do you find cleaning your car to be a boring chore? If so, you should consider the fact that keeping your car clean will make your journeys on the road safer!

Taillights have reflectors inside of them that other drivers behind you can spot when it’s dark or raining. And if your headlights get covered up in dirt and mud, you may as well be using candles to light up the road ahead of you.

Once a week, you should give the exterior of your car a good clean. Invest in a pressure washer, and your cleaning times will get halved. Snow foam will also help to remove any ingrained dirt, and it means that you don’t have to spend ages scrubbing your car’s body panels.

You will also enjoy the satisfaction of driving around in a gleaming car!

Upgrade your headlight bulbs

Let’s face it; on some cars, the headlight bulbs that car makers fit aren’t the brightest. There are plenty of road-legal bulbs on the market that offer improved visibility on the road. And the best part? They won’t cost you a fortune to buy!

Osram and Philips are a couple of brands that you should consider when upgrading your bulbs. You will also need to know how to change your headlight bulbs. If you aren’t sure, consult your owner’s manual or do a Google search to find out how.

On some cars, you might need to remove the headlight lenses to replace the bulbs. In those cases, it’s best to ask a mechanic to change them for you if you don’t have the right tools to do so.

Fit LED taillights

Your taillight bulbs aren’t the brightest. But they do the job and meet government-mandated vehicle checks.

If you want to be better-seen on the road, you might want to upgrade to LED lights. Some new cars, such as the latest Mercedes and Audi models, have LED taillights as standard.

These days, it is possible to buy aftermarket LED bulb kits for all makes and models. And the good news is that they work with cars that have electric bulb check systems in place. There are many advantages to LEDs over standard bulbs.

For example, LED lights are longer lasting. They use less electricity, which is also a good thing if you drive a car that runs only on electricity and battery power! Finally, LEDs generate less heat. That means they aren’t likely to melt any plastic or bulb holders.

Feel free to print this handy guide out so that you can refer to it later. Thanks for reading!

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