Subaru WRX STI S209 Is The Most Expensive Production Subaru Ever

We asked for it, and now we have it: The ultimate WRX STI. It’s called the STI S209, and we drove the extra-special Subaru just a few short weeks ago. Now we have a price, and it’s officially the most expensive new Subaru ever.

Subaru WRX STI S209

All 209 examples of the S209 will sell for $64,880. We’ll give you a second to process that, but a second most likely isn’t long enough. Every one of the 209 cars will be headed to the U.S. starting in November this year — STI’s shop is only able to produce 2-3 cars per day, so it’ll be a slow trickle of cars being shipped over here.

Previous to the S209, the Type RA was the top dog in the American WRX lineup. It cost $49,855, and offered a nice bump in performance over a regular STI. This S209 finally gives us the significant increase in power we’ve been asking for all these years, but it also represents a massive effort at making the best-handling STI ever. Aftermarket modifications could get you partway there, but there will be no true equivalent to the S209 coming from somebody’s garage.

We fully expect it’ll be Subaru WRX STI enthusiasts who spring for the few available cars, as the $64,880 price will likely be a major roadblock for all but the true believers. At that price there’s a huge variety of other cars to choose from, many of them more desirable than an ultra-rare Subaru to some folks. Dealer markups could take this car to even greater heights, especially if a dealer finds some Subaru fanatics with money to burn. If the 341-horsepower S209 sounds like something you need to park in your garage, we suggest you get over to the nearest bank and Subaru dealer as soon as possible.

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