Taking a Proactive Approach to the Parking Problem

Space is at a premium in many of the major metropolitan areas around the world. It seems like there is a nonstop flight of people going to the cities looking for a chance to work, to enjoy themselves, and to just look around. A lot of these people go to major cities in automobiles. While automobiles are great for getting around, they are a nightmare for city planners as well as drivers. One of the biggest challenges that automobiles bring to the table is that of looking for a place to park. Many cities have found a way around this problem by investing in an automated car parking system.

Parking Problem

The reason why cities are looking toward alternative forms of parking is because they realize that parking issues lead to a lot of unwanted congestion in the streets. Drivers spend so much wasted time looking for parking that in some cities people know they need to get to their desired appointment an hour in advance just to find parking.

One report says that in some major metropolitan cities, cruising around to find a suitable parking space accounts for up to 25 percent of the congestion on the street. This means that a lot of people who are driving aren’t trying to get anywhere, they’re looking for a place to stop.

Some people have the idea that is there is not enough space to build out, then build up. And it’s true that there are a lot of cities that are looking at multilevel parking buildings as a solution. However, it’s expensive to make a building just for parking, especially when this building could be used for living spaces and other more interesting and enjoyable things.

In addition to trying to find more space for parking, some cities are taking unique approaches to how they charge their residents for parking. For example, some cities have parking meters that fluctuate in price depending on the demand. So if there is very little space, the price per 15 minutes on the meter gradually increases. Conversely, when there is a lot of space for parking, then the price on the meter goes down. Other cities are looking into ways to adjust to their current zoning laws to make parking in certain areas easier.

Planners in major metropolitan areas realize that if they do not come up with a solution for parking soon, they are going to find themselves lagging behind developmentally and economically when compared to cities that are taking a proactive approach to the parking problem.

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