The 14 Most Dangerous Cars in the World

There has been a plethora of vehicles designed and created by man, most of which have their own fan clubs in one way or another. However, there are a few models that have been particularly dangerous in comparison to the rest. You want to make sure you’re safe from these models, as safety is a huge concern while driving. You definitely don’t want to chauffeur your family and friends around in a fully fledged death trap! In some cases it’s the driver, not the car. However, these cars wouldn’t have made Lewis Hamilton look very experienced. Take a look at the 14 most dangerous cars in the world:

Ford Pinto

Ford Pinto

1. Ford Pinto

If somebody you know has owned a Ford Pinto and lived to tell the tale, they’re very lucky. This is one of the most famously dangerous cars ever invented. The construction of the car was impractical, rather than innovative. After driving the car only mildly, the gas tank could sometimes spontaneously combust! This was due to it being placed at the back of the car, near the rear bumper. Stupidly, the car was already in production before collision tests. This meant that although 8/11 cars burst into flame during testing, Ford didn’t want to splash out to change anything. More than 3 million units were sold over 10 years, and 27 people were killed when it burst into flames. Ford refused to acknowledge that their car was a death trap!

2. Ford Mustang

Per 10,000 vehicles, the death rate is 4.4. This might not seem like that much to you yet, but when you consider a car like the Volvo 740-760 4 door, it has only 0.6 deaths per 10,000 vehicles. People picked the Ford Mustang because it looked good and was powerful, but it was also extremely dangerous. People who were driving this car tended to drive it so recklessly that they were speeding towards death, and some even burst into flames. The company president admitted that safety wasn’t a concern when they were designing older models.

3. The 1905 Darracq Sprint Two Seater

You wouldn’t spot one of these riding around today, but it’s most certainly one of the most dangerous cars ever invented. It was deemed the fastest car in the world in 1905, but that probably had something to do with the lack of body. The body was open, no doors, walls, or windshield. Drivers sat behind the engine and weren’t protected by anything. If you were a passenger in this vehicle, you would have to sit in an uncomfortable seat while bracing your feet against a small portion of the existing frame. Lose your footing? You could lose your foot.

4. Chevrolet Corvair

A book on car safety deemed this car so unsafe that a whole chapter was dedicated to it. The axl-suspension buckled continuously, and there was no roll bar. In fact, the single piece steering column would almost certainly impale the driver in an accident. Oh, and the heating system bled fluids which caused noxious fumes to leak into the vehicle.

5. Yugo GV

Many people laugh at this car and call it the worst to ever exist, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. There was one incident where this car was blown off a bridge by a gust of wind, and the driver died instantly. The car would literally drop to pieces while it was on the road. Fires would also sometimes start in the vehicle thanks to faulty wiring.

6. Chevrolet Corvette

This car has shockingly killed more people than any other car in history. The power and speed of this car was way too much for anybody to handle. OK, so it’s sort of the driver’s fault on this one. If an accident was your fault and you survived, you’d certainly be expected to have an sr22 insurance policy. can tell you more.

7. Kia Rio

For some reason, this vehicle is still being produced. It has the worst record of multi occupant deaths in its class, and is ranked badly almost always in accidents.

8. Ferrari 458 Italia

Giving new meaning to the phrase ‘the Ferrari is a hot car’, the Ferrari 458 Italia likes to spontaneously combust. It looks positively beautiful, but that is perhaps one of the things that makes it even more dangerous.

9. DeLorean DMC-12

You’ve probably seen Back to the Future, where the car must reach 88 miles per hour for Marty to get to whatever year he’s off to. However, doing this with a Delorean could cause an accident in real life, and then you’d really be screwed. When this vehicle is upside down, escaping from it almost impossible. The doors won’t open, and the windows are too small for anybody to fit through.

10. BMW Isetta

This car is so small that some might deem it cute, but there’s nothing cute about the sort of horrific accident it has been known to cause. The car is so weak, that it would be very difficult to escape from in an accident.

11. Brilliance BS6

An accident in this vehicle would result in certain death, there’s no question about it. It performed abysmally in crash tests, and has the strength of a malnourished kitten. I wouldn’t recommend buying any Chinese vehicle thanks to this monstrosity.

12. Chevy Colorado Extended Cab

Per million registrations with this car, there were 93 deaths. Most of these deaths did not involve any other vehicle. The car simply crashed and burned alone.

13. Kia Spectra Wagon

For every million registrations in this car, 102 drivers died behind the wheel. In fact, 63 per million were involved in more than one car crash.

14. Nissan 350Z

The model from years 2005-2008 has a total of 143 deaths per million registrations. 90 of these deaths were caused in single vehicle crashes.

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