The Advantages Of Buying A Nearly-New Car

Millions of brand new cars are produced by car manufacturers in the United Kingdom on an annual basis. Although a large portion of these cars produced end up in the hands of fleet operators such as businesses and car hire firms, a sizeable chunk ends up being purchased by individuals like you and I.

The Advantages Of Buying A Nearly-New CarThere are many benefits to buying a brand new car; new cars have that nice “new car smell”, they are in mint condition as they have not been owned by anyone else, and they are obviously going to be highly reliable in comparison to many used cars.

But if you are thinking of buying a brand new car, have you ever considered going for a nearly-new car instead? If not, you should check out these advantages of buying nearly-new cars and learn why it makes perfect sense to buy one instead of a brand new model!


It’s a well-known fact that all cars depreciate in value, regardless of what car you buy; a Vauxhall Astra like the one pictured above is going to depreciate just as how a Porsche 911 will depreciate in value.

If you buy a car that is 6 to 12 months old, it could have potentially depreciated by several hundred, if not several thousand, pounds! As you can see, there are significant cost savings to be made.


Some nearly-new cars that are up for sale might well have been ex-demonstrator cars. These are basically cars that have been used by customers to take a “test drive” in, but won’t have much mileage and virtually no wear and tear.

When they are not being driven by customers, they spend their time sitting inside a showroom or on the forecourt.


According to, virtually all nearly-new cars that are sold by car dealers will still have a significant amount of the manufacturer’s warranty available on the car. When you buy a normal used car, you don’t tend to get any manufacturer’s warranty with the vehicle, so if it suffers a mechanical problem due to a manufacturing defect, you have to bear the repair costs yourself.

But with nearly new cars, should such a problem occur, you can benefit from the peace of mind that having such issues fixed free of charge brings!


Just like with any car you can buy from a car dealer, you will be able to obtain finance on a nearly-new car, whether it is through a finance house affiliated with the dealership or one of your own choosing.

In fact, some finance companies are likely to offer you favourable rates because the car is newer!


When you buy a used car that is a few years old, you will inevitably have to start dealing with mechanical problems that you wouldn’t normally have to pay for during a routine service. For example, you might have to end up replacing parts of the suspension system if the car had a hard life with its former keepers.

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