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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mobile RV Services

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If you have an RV, you know how important it is to schedule maintenance and repairs regularly. A strategy should be in place if your RV requires unforeseen travel maintenance.

A mobile RV service can be a great option to have your vehicle serviced on the go. However, weighing a mobile RV service’s pros and cons before deciding whether it’s right for you is essential.


RVs are complicated machines packed with countless moving parts and systems. That’s why buying an RV’s extended warranty will cover the repair costs of any breakdowns is essential.

The type of warranty you get will depend on your chosen company and your RV model. You can also select a level of deductible that suits you best.

A mobile RV service Temple TX will carry a small parts inventory, but they may need to visit dealers or parts stores for other items. It can slow down the process and could mean additional trips.

An excellent mobile service should be able to fix most issues. But they may have different access to parts than a more extensive RV dealer has, so it’s essential to ask about their experience with your specific make and model.

It’s preferable to engage with a supplier who will take the time to tell you precisely what they will and won’t cover so that you can choose what to purchase.


Whether you are on vacation, at the campground or have an RV under warranty, you can count on a mobile RV service to rescue you. This repair often saves you time and money compared to hauling your vehicle to the shop.

The convenience of having an RV service technician visit your home or campsite is another plus. This option is also convenient for full-time RVers and those who don’t have the luxury of dropping their rig off at a dealership.

One drawback to using a mobile service is that they often need to carry a complete inventory of parts, limiting their ability to get everything they need when the repair work is required.

A shop that is a dealer for your particular RV brand will typically have access to direct parts and manufacturer information. It will speed up repairs and troubleshooting for you as the technician can get the correct details from the manufacturer.


RVs are a great way to travel the country in style but they can be costly. Before you buy, thoroughly research your financing options and make sure you can afford them.

Fuel costs are one of the most significant expenses for an RV owner, even more so than a car. The best way to avoid overpaying for gas is to fuel up at a truck stop where prices tend to be lower.

Mobile RV repair is also much more affordable than taking it to a traditional shop. While they may charge you a premium for coming to your home, this is typically offset by the savings you’ll see on the repairs.

However, it is essential to note that a mobile service only carries a partial inventory of parts like a more significant repair shop might. It can lead to a higher price tag, especially if they’re traveling long distances or need to order specific parts that might need to be on hand.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to your RV, there will always be times when something goes wrong. From a broken water pump to a blown tire, having an expert on hand can mean the difference between getting home or being left behind.

In addition to the convenience of having a service technician come to your location, you also save money by not having to pay to have it hauled or towed to a repair shop. It is especially true for seasonal services such as winterizing and de-winterizing your rig.

However, the real reason to consider using a mobile RV service is the peace of mind of having an expert handle your repairs. The best way to know if a mobile RV service is exemplary is to call your local dealership or manufacturer directly. These should provide you with an expert recommendation on the best service providers for your needs.

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