The Best Family Cars You Should Look At Next Year

When it comes to choosing a new or second-hand car for your family, there are lots of different elements to consider. Firstly, you’re not going to require anything designed to travel at high speeds. Secondly, you’ll want to find something with an impeccable safety record. Getting to your destination quickly with the kids on-board should take a backseat to making sure everyone gets there in one piece. No matter what your personal preferences might be when it comes to automobile manufacturers, researching all the best models on the market is essential. That is especially the case if you want to make the right decision.

Renault Scenic MeganeRenault Scenic Megane

Renault has recently released a number of electric and hybrid cars. However, their tried and tested Scenic Megane still sells better than almost every other model in their fleet. This automobile has lots of space inside for the kids, and there is a huge boot. That makes it perfect for use when going away on UK or European holidays. You can pick these models up second-hand for less than £2000 if you look in the right places. Just make sure you have an extra key made as standard ones tend to have a short working life. That said; you can still call the locksmiths if you encounter any issues.

Citroen Picasso

This model has undergone many improvements since it was first released onto the market. However, it’s key selling points still remain the same. With lots of safety features live driver, passenger, rear and side airbags, you can feel safe in the knowledge that everyone is secure. Good quality Picasso models available on the second-hand market sell for around £3000, so it’s not going to break the bank. Also, this car has a great record when it comes to reliability. Most owners claim it hardly ever spends time in the garage. Just remember that you can always pick a bad apple, and so it’s wise to take a trained mechanic along for any viewings you arrange.

Peugeot 308

If you’re looking for something a little smaller that still provides enough room for the average family, you can’t go wrong with a Peugeot 308. The most appealing quality of this model is that road tax is exceptionally low in most instances. Indeed, many owners get away with only paying £35 per year. Also, you can get diesel editions that further reduce costs. On the second-hand market, one of these will set you back no more than £2000. Even so, we’ve seen them for sale for as little as £1000.

Having looked through our recommendations, you should now be ready to start doing some research. While you don’t have to select any on the models we’ve just mentioned, reading about them should have helped to highlight the type of vehicle that suits you best. There are lots of good car-selling websites you can browse if you want to find out about average prices for any model you might select. Just search on Google for the cars you like and do some reading.

Good luck choosing the perfect family car next year!

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