The Broke Man’s Guide To Trimming Car Costs

As it is Christmas, you might not have enough money to go around. So, the last thing you need is for your car to break down because that will cost a fortune. And, you have to repair your car because they are essential to everyday life. Could you imagine having to use public transport now that you can drive? It is enough to send shivers down the spine!


To make sure you don’t have to spend a fortune when your car goes AWOL, take action before it’s too late.

Drive It Longer

Forget about a new car and concentrate on the car you have now. It is human nature to want something even when you don’t need it, but that desire will cost you a lot of money. The car you have at your disposal will most likely do for the time being. In fact, it will do until the car starts to fall to pieces, or until it costs more to repair than it does to replace.

Drive It Smoother

To drive the car longer, the car has to last for a long time. The way you drive has a major impact on the health of your vehicle, so you need to start driving more conservatively. Do not rev the engine or drive at high speeds all the time because that will ruin the major components. Also, don’t throw the car into the corners like a Formula One driver. Drive at the speed limit and drive as efficiently as possible to keep the car running forever.

Reassess The Insurance

Are you getting a good deal on your insurance policy? For the majority of car owners, the answer to that question is an emphatic ‘no’. The odds are that you, too, are paying over the odds for your insurance premiums because they are not tailored to your needs. When it comes to insurance, you should only pay for what you need or what you can afford at that time. For example, if the car is old and not worth much money, third-party fire and theft is a good policy.

Get A Cheap Loan

If you do need to pay for repairs, be wary of whom you trust. The temptation is to go to the bank because they are the most conventional lenders in town. Yet, they are also the most dangerous and expensive lenders if it starts to go wrong because of interest. There are websites like that specialise in reasonable car repair loans. With Car Repair Loans, the interest is much lower than normal. Or, you could ask for a loan from your family and friends to avoid the interest altogether.

Buy A Cheaper Model

Cars have sell-by-date, and when that it is up it is time to buy another model. Opt for an older or a used car to cut costs. Second-hand cars are cheaper because they are not new, yet most of them run fine. All you have to do is find a car that doesn’t have terminal problems.

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