The Detroit Motor Show: A Preview

The Detroit Motor Show is the petrol-head’s Mecca. Motor enthusiasts travel for thousands of miles to get a first glimpse at new cars. The annual event is the most prestigious date in the calendar for car manufacturers. It is the place that they unveil their new models. It is the arena in which they show concept cars and gain critical feedback. A review at the motor show can make or break the car’s development.


The people attending the Detroit Motor Show are the most savvy in the world of motoring. They know what they’re looking for and what they want. They expect to be blown away. They expect to see the future. They expect speed, performance and beauty. They expect innovation and technology. It is the time when car manufacturers hold their breath and hope their cars are embraced and loved.

The hallowed event takes place in just three weeks. Taking over Detroit, the auto show will begin on 12th January and run to the 25th.

What to expect

The Detroit Auto Show calls itself the ‘Academy Awards of Auto Shows’. And with good reason. They expect the unveiling of 40-50 new cars this year. That is more than any other show in the calendar. Detroit is routinely chosen by car makers as the place to unveil a new model.

There will be production models that we’ll see on our roads next year. More importantly, there will be concept cars that explore the future of driving. It is these cars that get journalists and fans alike most excited. There are always three or four new concept supercars. They test the limits of speed and power with new technologies.

The Detroit Motor Show also runs a charity preview event. With a higher priced ticket, punters can get the first glimpse of the cars, before the general public. All the proceeds of these tickets goes to charity. Last year they raised over $6 million.

So, let’s look towards the big event in 2015. What are the most exciting cars to be expected?

Honda NSX

This is perhaps the most talked about car ahead of the motor show. Honda has long been a pioneer of alternative fuels. Now it enters the arena with a hybrid supercar. The NSX has been talked about in hushed whispers for years, but it is finally here. The NSX will join the BMW i8 in the hybrid supercar range. It will prove that supercars don’t have to rely on a petrol engine. In a world where the fastest car around the Nurburgring is a hybrid, this sector is firing on all cylinders. Not only that but its muscular shape will turn heads throughout the show.

Mercedes GLE Coupe

The new Mercedes is part SUV, part Coupe. The stunning new design has curves in all the right places. You’ll find hordes of people queuing up just to stare at this beautiful car. The big question, however, is that of performance. Is it more than just a beauty queen? Rest assured, we will get all the answers at the motor show. The model brings Mercedes into an unexplored sector. The luxurious and the practical. It takes the best of a spacious SUV and merges it with the luxury of a fine Coupe.

Audi Q7

Audi won’t want all eyes on the Mercedes GLE Coupe. They’ll be attracting attention with their beautiful reinvention of a classic. The Q7 is already a staple of the Audi range. It is a high performance SUV with style, practicality and power. With the new Q7, it looks like Audi are stepping it up another level. Like most Audi models over the years, it has had a vicious new makeover. The huge grill looks fierce and sharp. More importantly, it is practical and accessible. It would find itself at home at Brotherwood mobility cars and other accessibility vendors. The interior has gone through a complete redesign too. It will come complete with Audi’s revolutionary new digital dashboard. First rolled out in the TT, the digital dash looks set to be a standard part of every Audi model.

Chevrolet Volt

The first Volt didn’t quite perform as well as Chevrolet would have liked. The larger hybrid was a fine vehicle, it just didn’t connect with the public. Chevrolet will look to turn that round with the unveiling of their new model. It has a similar styling to the previous model, but a much stronger machine underneath the bodywork. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on this one to gauge the reaction of the public.

Mini JCW

This will be the most powerful Mini ever produced. The Mini is already one of the most fun little cars you can get your hands on. They handle like few others in their range. They are speedy, powerful and exciting. We can only imagine how much fun this will be. With a triple intake at the front, the car will have more power and better handling. The brakes and suspension have also been tweaked for ultimate performance.

Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell

We covered this announcement last week here at Autoreleased, yet it bears repeating. This new Honda intends to revolutionise the world of alternative fuel. Harnessing the exceptional technology of hydrogen fuel cells, the car will be one of the greenest in the world. So long as Honda can help facilitate the growth of hydrogen infrastructure, that is. There is a long way to go before hydrogen cars become standard on our roads. However, Honda are leading the way alongside Toyota. The unveiling of this car will be one of the most hotly anticipated of the entire show.

So there you have it folks! A complete round-up of what to expect at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. There will a veritable feast of new concept cars, production models and new technology. There will be more speed and power than ever before. There will be innovation and technology that will blow our small minds. Finally, there will be beauty and design like we’ve never seen. The future of motoring looks exciting if this show is anything to go by.

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