The Five Most Common Cause Of Breakdown And How To Avoid Them

There is no worse feeling than your car slowly giving out on the motorway. First there’s panic as you lose power or control at 70mph. Then there’s anger and frustration that you’re stuck on the side of the motorway. Finally there’s disappointment as you learn how much it will cost to fix! A breakdown will completely ruin your day. Yet, they are almost always avoidable. With good, regular maintenance and understanding, you can avoid breakdowns for good. Most breakdowns are the result of the same few problems. Once you know how to spot them and avoid them, you can prevent the awful event.

Dead battery

1. Dead battery

This is the single biggest cause of breakdowns across the country. We asked a number of breakdown services and they all came back with the same answer. Car batteries have a general age span of around three years. Eventually, it will run out of juice and give out on you. They are particularly vulnerable in the winter when you rely on them heavily for lights and heating. The key to avoiding it is checking the charge regularly. It’s a simple and easy job. When it gets low, replace the battery before it gives out.

2. Flat tyres

This is the second biggest cause of breakdowns and it’s almost entirely avoidable. Of course, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a random puncture. But, the vast majority of tyre problems come from excessive wear or poor maintenance. You must always keep your tyres at the correct pressure as advised by the manufacturer. We suggest checking the pressure every other time you fill up with fuel. It’s also important to monitor the tread depth and never let it go below 1.6mm. This will make sure you are safe in the vehicle and better protected against flat tyres.

3. Lost keys

This is one of the more embarrassing breakdown problems! If it happens to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Losing car keys happens more frequently than you’d imagine. If you find yourself in this position, there’s only one real choice. Get your phone out and search for ‘locksmith near me’. Most locksmiths and breakdown companies can gain access to your car with electronic devices. After that you’ll have to replace the key.

4. Spark plugs

If your car is struggling to start up, chances are there could be spark plug problem. The spark plug is the part of your car that ignites the fuel and starts it running. These spark plugs wear down over time and need replacing. It’s a really simple job that most car owners could do themselves. They’re cheap and easily available too.

5. Clutch cable

This is perhaps the most difficult to predict on the list. After a few years of use, the clutch cable becomes worn and tired. It can snap at any point meaning you’ll lose control of your gear changes. A regular health check is the only way to spot this one in advance.

The vast majority of breakdowns occur for the same few reasons. Learn them and prevent them well ahead of time. Avoid the cost and embarrassment of finding yourself at the side of the motorway. Until next time!

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