The Importance of Brake Safety

Your car is comprised of a lot of moving parts. All of them are important. However, brakes may be one of the most important. When moving at high speeds, working brakes might be a matter of life or death. It’s a good idea to keep them happy!

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Know Your Brakes

The age of your vehicle will give you an idea of what types of brakes you have. Older cars usually have something called drum brakes on the rear axle and newer cars usually have disc brakes. You can take a look yourself, check your driver’s manual or ask your mechanic to confirm your brake system. Familiarize yourself with how your brakes work so that you can be more aware of potential problems or signs that they are wearing down.

Know Your Maintenance Schedule

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of brake maintenance is to follow the recommended schedule for your vehicle. This should be available in your driver’s manual. Consider moving important maintenance dates to your personal calendar, so you don’t forget! If you have lost track of your manual, don’t worry; if you know your make, model and year you can usually find it online.

Know Your Repair Service

It’s a wise person that learns to expect the unexpected. Do you know what to do if your brakes do break? Be sure to inform yourself how to operate your vehicle in the case of brake malfunction. Once you are safely stopped you can worry about fixing the issue. Identify a trustworthy service in your area that can provide mobile disc and drum brake repair. Keep this information somewhere in your car, like your glove box, so it will be available to you no matter the situation.

Know Your Habits

Safer driving can lengthen the life of your brakes. These days road rage is hard to avoid, but adopting a defensive, patient driving attitude is better for your brakes, your mood and for everybody else you share the road with. Avoid slamming your brakes by leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. You won’t need to screech to a halt if you allow for merging vehicles and obey yellow lights. Plus, being kind to your fellow drivers might mean they are more likely to be kind to you, if you’re ever stuck in a turn only lane.

Most people drive an automobile every day. They can be as convenient as they can be dangerous. Ease your mind on the road with proper brake care!

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