The Lion In The Skin – PEUGEOT 108 Tattoo Concept

The Lion in the skin – PEUGEOT 108 Tattoo Concept – Mar 04, 2014– Geneva, Switzerland (AutoReleased) – PEUGEOT and the tattoo artist Xoil have come together to present a unique example of the new PEUGEOT 108. Xoil has taken the city car to mix his world with that of the brand. The result is a performance that is unprecedented in the automobile and tattooing worlds. His work turns the car into a living body.

PEUGEOT 108 Tattoo Concept

The brand presents the new PEUGEOT 108 as a world first at Geneva. Moving around naturally in its urban milieu thanks to its record compact size, this city car also has multi-role ability and easily escapes from the city, thanks in particular to the new PureTech 1.2 VTi 82 engine. Ahead of its time, the PEUGEOT 108 is the mirror of its driver’s smartphone thanks to the Mirror Screen function. The PEUGEOT 108 offers its purchaser the freedom to give their car its own identity, thanks to the wide scope for personalisation: four body styles (hatchback and convertible, 3 and 5 doors), seven personalisation themes, three interior ambiences, three fabric roof colours, etc.

The 108 Tattoo Concept associates the age-old practice of tattooing with an unusual medium to push personalisation to its extreme. For this, the brand has given artist Xoil the freedom to express his talent and create a unique work of art. He took and worked with the car’s dimensions and curves, so different from the human body. As an evocation of this material, the 108 Tattoo Concept wears a golden copper paint finish similar to the colour of flesh. On this background, the motif mixes tradition with the contemporary.

Xoil drew on the brand’s DNA and history for the blue colour of this 1920 logo with the proud and conquering Lion. Xoil completes them with the association of different forms and geometric lines. Typical of his world, these lines innovate in their rigour and precision. They repeat the PEUGEOT 108’s aerodynamics and efficiency.

Xoil has risen brilliantly to the challenge of tattooing the bonnet. Used to a dialogue with the human skin, he had to learn the language of leather, which absorbs ink in its own way. The result is striking, proof of his ability to work in new ways.

The 108 Tattoo Concept’s cabin is also trimmed in leather, covering the dashboard in particular. On the seats and floor carpet, leather and woven wool are combined with perfect cut.

Over and above its aesthetics, the 108 Tattoo Concept explores the possibility of creating a unique personalised vehicle, one that cannot be reproduced. And it is a step further towards the use of new materials and processes in the car of tomorrow. For example, the leather on the bonnet comes from a vegetable tanning process that retains the look and feel of each skin.

Of international renown, Xoil has overturned the tattooing world with the so special look of his work. His style associates graphic patterns with motifs drawn from history, art and iconography.

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