The Most Expensive RC Ever, and It Won’t Race

A new Lamborghini Aventador is for sale for $4.7 million, and no one will ever ride in it. The glitzy auto is a scale model RC car that out prices the full-sized version by $4.4 million. Remote Control car building is not a cheap hobby, but the Aventador takes that statement and bumps it up several notches.


Robert Wilhelm Gülden built the 1/8 scale model in 500 hours using solid gold and platinum. The body of the prototype is made of carbon fiber just like Formula One race cars. The designer doesn’t intend to race the car, though. He also created a bullet-proof display case for the Lamborghini and views it more as a work of art.

Of course, most RC enthusiasts feel that way about their creations, but the machines are made to run. People who can’t hit the Nascar circuit or cavort with World of Outlaw sprint cars can still have the thrill of building and racing their own cars and trucks. RC model making is not cheap, though. While some kits can be purchased for $50, many cost several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you are considering getting into the hobby/sport, think about buying kitted cars instead of finding the perfect car piece-by-piece. That isn’t to say parts come boxed together leaving the builder little room to customize. Companies like Dollar Hobbyz that specialize in RC car building can cut the cost dramatically by grouping the parts you need so that they are all in one place. For example, Traxxas Stampede 4×4 parts are found together, from the chassis and body to gears and bearings. You can see the MSRP and the retail at the store, too, so you know how much you are saving.

Part of the fun of the RC hobby is racing the cars, but nothing puts a damper on the excitement more than breaking a part. Replacement parts for the Stampede and other models can be selected from the huge inventory, purchased and shipped the same day. Parts are guaranteed and prices are up to 95% off retail.

Of course, if you have the money and the inclination to buy an RC piece of art, the Lamborghini Aventador model may be for you. If you just want to get “down and dirty” with some RC action, you might think about building your masterpiece with kitted parts from a trusted partner like Dollar Hobbyz.

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