The Most Reliable Hire Cars Available On The Market Today

If you’re planning to take a long trip with your family this year, or even if you’re just looking for a decent hire car to use at work, this article contains everything you need to know. After extensive research, we’ve found the best models on the market today. Our findings are based on customer satisfaction levels and overall reliability. Once you’ve read through all the information contained within this post, you should be left with no illusion about the best hire car for you. In most circumstances, you will be able to swap and change your car as you see fit. So, it’s not the end of the world if you select something unsuitable. However, it’s much better to get it right first time and save yourself all the hassle.

Honda Prius Hybrid

We’ve tried to include a range of different car sizes to cover any endeavour you might be involved with. So, if you need something small and cheap to run, you’ll find it here. Likewise, if you need something that gives you a comfortable ride for long distances, you’ll find those here too. With all that in mind, it’s now time to get started.

Here are some of the most-reliable hire cars on the market today…

Honda Prius Hybrid

The new Prius has seen a lot of media coverage over the last couple of years, and that is because it’s one of the best hybrid models around at the current time. You only have to drive around London to see how popular this model has become. While you might think that hiring a hybrid car is a little risky, there are so many charging points all over the country that you shouldn’t experience any issues. One of the main advantages to choosing hybrid or electric models is that you won’t have to spend too much on fuel. Also, they’re incredibly reliable as they’re so new. If you’d like to learn more about this type of car, you can do so by visiting totally electric cars among other blogs online.

Ford Fiesta

Presuming you’re looking for something a little smaller, the Ford Fiesta could be ideal. We recommend hiring this car if you’re taking a short break with your partner. After all, it is the best selling UK model of all time. That should tell you something about how reliable they can be. Engine sizes are also small, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of money at the pump. All Ford Fiestas made after 2004 come with driver and passenger airbags. So, you don’t have to worry too much about safety. For the most part, every driver we spoke to who hired one of these cars was more than satisfied with their decision.

Ford Mondeo

Those of you who want to hire a car for business purposes should seriously consider the Ford Mondeo. It’s much cheaper than similar models, and it is renowned for being very reliable. Indeed, that is why there are so many of them still on the roads today. Ideally, you want to get a model built after 2000 to ensure it contains all the standard safety features you would expect. Also, models made after that year were designed with comfort in mind. So, the Mondeo is perfect for long distance motorway journeys.

Land Rover Defender

Some of you may need a 4×4 solution if you’re taking the whole family (and a dog) away for a week on the coast. Land Rovers have always been high-quality vehicles, and the new Defender models are certainly no exception. While they have very large engine sizes, the ride is smooth, and they’re safer than most other cars on the road. As you sit in such a high position, safety is increased tenfold. We’re not going to lie and say that Land Rovers are never involved in accidents, but we will say they usually fare better than the model driven by the other party.

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra has undergone many redesigns over the years, but it’s still as popular as ever. The latest models have lots of cutting-edge safety features you might not have encountered before. They are also famous for being reliable, especially for long distances. This is a medium-sized car that would suit business users and families, so you shouldn’t overlook it, regardless of what your criteria might be. As new models cost less than £20,000 on the road, you can usually hire them for less money than you might expect.

Skoda Octavia

If you can ignore the fact that Skodas were once the most-embarrassing cars to own, the new Octavia could be worth a look. It is one of the most-economical cars in its class, and designers claim diesel models can travel 74.3 mpg. Best of all? It’s completely exempt from road tax. That means the car costs suppliers considerably less than some of their other vehicles. Luckily, they usually pass the savings on to you in that situation. As the Octavia is such a big and spacious model, it’s brilliant to use as a business car. It’s also certain to impress your clients.

Volkswagen Golf

Finally, we have the infamous Volkswagen Golf. People used to see these as “boy-racer” cars thanks to the amount of young people who were buying them five years ago. However, thanks to a redesign, that is no longer the case. Volkswagen have worked hard to ensure the new models are not only speed-focused. Indeed, they have a lot of safety features to ensure everyone riding in them stays safe. We recommend you consider a Golf if you’re planning a short trip with your partner. While there is enough room in the back to carry more passengers, you should probably look for something larger if that is what you plan to do.

You should now have a good idea about which hire car will be best-suited to you this year. If you need more information on any of the models mentioned in this post, you can find it by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, there is always Wikipedia.

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