The Race is on to Make Commercial Vehicles More Eco Friendly

With carbon emissions becoming an ever more present issue on the minds of many motorists, there is an increased effort into making vehicles more carbon friendly. A topic that changes greatly, in even short amounts of time, there is a lot of debate as to how to achieve this and whether or not the measures taken are enough to prevent further damage to the atmosphere.

Improving Engines


Improving the state of the engines used in commercial vehicles, is an initiative that many people are rallying around. With engines being made ever more efficient, it is hoped that vehicles will use less fuel whilst producing the same amount of power. Improving engines is no easy task, however, as internal combustion engines will still be producing carbon emissions, even if they are more energy efficient.

Improving Aerodynamics

The other option a lot of research teams are considering is the option of making commercial vehicles much more aerodynamic than they currently are. The act of making vehicles more aerodynamic will mean that they are going to experience much less drag, whilst driving at high speeds. This reduced drag will mean less wasted energy, reducing the amount of work that the engine needs to do, in order to maintain the same level of speed. If the engine does not have to work harder, it produces fewer emissions, as by product of being more energy efficient.

Making a vehicle more aerodynamic, however, presents a challenge, since aesthetic beauty must be accounted for too, even for the fleet trucks in Houston! Keeping vehicles stylish whilst they are energy efficient, is going to take a lot of trial and error, as design teams and research teams try and strike a balance between the two.

Reducing Weight

Some research is also being placed into making vehicles much lighter than they currently are. If vehicles are made lighter, then a lot is possible in terms of making vehicles more energy efficient. Lighter vehicles are more eco-friendly because it takes less fuel to power something that is lighter. Reduced fuel means reduced carbon emissions coming from the vehicle. Reduced carbon emissions therefore, makes vehicles more eco-friendly.

Making commercial vehicles lighter, depends on a lot of factors. One of the main reasons a vehicle can be made lighter, is due to new research being done in the name of stronger lightweight materials. As people make more and more progress  in these areas, much more can be taken advantage of and implemented in the vehicles of the future.

Is There Hope?

There are a number of things that can be put into action in order to make commercial vehicles more eco-friendly. Though there are a number of steps ready to act on, no one step is going to solve all of the problems that are present, when it comes to solving the challenge of making vehicle’s more eco-friendly. For those who choose to make an effort to combine all of the steps mentioned, however, there is no saying as to what can be achieved, in terms of making commercial vehicles way more eco-friendly that anyone could have imagined.


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