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The Sins Behind the Wheel: 6 Mistakes the Drivers Often Make

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The chances are that every time you get into your vehicle, whether you’re driving socially or you’re commuting your way to work, you forget about the life-changing dangers that you’re putting yourself into.

6 Mistakes the Drivers

This isn’t a statement to try and make you fear the roads, but instead a solid fact. One wrong move while travelling at high speeds and your life can change forever. With over 5,500,000 accidents on the road every single year, all drivers should be doing what they can to make the roads a safer place for all.

With this in mind, today we’re going to explore six of the most common mistakes drivers make while out on the roads, helping you to stay mindful and avoid them, maximizing your safety while driving. 

#1 – Driving Slowly in Passing Lane

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to overtake, and there’s someone holding up miles of traffic because they’re travelling slowly. It’s so annoying, but the fact is we’re probably all guilty of doing it at some point or another.

This is a huge mistake because other drivers get impatient and angry and are far more likely to drive close to you, which can cause accidents if you brake sharply, or they’ll attempt to take more risks. 

#2 – Not Feeling Awake

If you’ve been driving for a long time, or you’ve had a long day, and you’re just trying to get home, this can cause a huge risk, especially as you progressively get more and more tired. This can be dangerous on both small country roads and long, boring highways.

If you’re feeling tired, pull over somewhere safe like a gas station, have a few hours’ sleep, get a coffee and carry on. There’s no reason you should risk your life trying to get home. 

#3 – Not Using Your Indicators

Your indicators are there for a reason, and every time you take a turn, you should be using them, even if you don’t think there are other drivers on the road. In the case of an accident, if you are proven, perhaps through DashCam, not to have used your indicators, you’ll be at fault. 

#4 – Using Your Phone While Driving

The more you do this while you’re driving, the more you’re putting yourself and others on the road at risk, and each time you do it, the more your chances increase that you’re going to get hurt. As a rule of thumb, just don’t use your phone, or any electronic device, while you’re driving.

Top Tip: just put your phone in your bag or glove compartment to stop yourself even being tempted by notifications. 

#5 – Using Unsuitable Footwear

Whether it’s raining buckets outside or it’s the middle of a heatwave, while you’re driving you should always be mindful of the footwear you’re wearing because will define how much grip you have on your pedals; both the brake and the accelerator. 

#6 – Low Tire Pressure

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes out there is running around in your car while your tires have low, or next-to-no, air pressure. Ask yourself, when was the last time you even checked? You should be checking your pressure weekly because failure to do so could be fatal in bad weather or over long trips. 


As you can see, there are lots of different things that you should be mindful of while you’re driving and in terms of vehicle maintenance. By taking note of these things, you can help to maximize your level of safety on the road and reduce the risk of danger. For more information, get in touch with The Derrick Law Firm for legal advice and help if you do find yourself in an accident situation.

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