The Things We Forget to Tell Teens When They Learn to Drive

Today’s laws vary from state to state, but one thing remains the same. With all the hours spent doing book work and actually sitting behind the wheel, there are many things about driving that one doesn’t learn in driver’s education classes. Teens are surprised when Mom and Dad worry about them, they are shocked to find out how expensive driving really is, and they simply don’t know what to do when their vehicle breaks down.

Learn to Drive

Explain Why You Worry

Kids just don’t get it. Your child could be the best driver ever, but you will still worry. Explain to them that it isn’t their abilities you are afraid of, its the other guys on the road. You can never over exaggerated how important it is to be aware of those around you and expect anything.

Let Them Know it is Expensive

So many teens get a job and save up for a car only to find out that the price of the car is only the beginning. Teach them to save for king county vehicle licensing, auto insurance, and routine maintenance. Help them find ways to save on each of these expenses too.

Teach Them Basic Maintenance Skills

Working on one’s own car has become a thing of the past, but everyone can benefit by learning a few basic skills. Teach them how to change tires, do an oil change, and swap out wipers. If they enjoy the idea of working on vehicles, encourage them to continue learning.

If you truly want to give your teen a complete education when it comes to driving, take the time to explain these important details. That way they won’t moan when you once again remind them to be careful, and they won’t be surprised at all with the added expense driving and owning your own car involves. Best of all, you won’t have to worry when they do head out.

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