The Top 4 Causes Of Vehicle Accidents In America Today

Thousands of people die on our roads each and every year, and many of these deaths could be prevented if those involved simply used a bit of common sense. While this is a tragedy, most of those suffering on the highways today only have themselves to blame. We have laws and regulations in place that are specifically designed to keep everyone safe, however; some people choose to ignore them, and there’s not much we can do about that. Still, this article has been written in the hope of limiting the amount of accidents, and highlighting four of the main causes. Hopefully, this should encourage more people to keep their eyes on the road.

Vehicle Accidents In America

So, without wasting any more of your time with long and somewhat pointless introductions, here they are…

1. Drunk Driving

Many countries including the US have strict laws when it comes to the amount of alcohol drivers are allowed to consume. Luckily for us, the limit in many states is 0 units, meaning those getting behind the wheel are not allowed a single drink. This makes it less confusing, but there will always be a few silly people who choose to ignore the rules, and this is why drunk driving is the number one cause of accidents today.

2. Speeding

We have speed limits for very good reasons, and contrary to popular belief, none of them involve limiting the amount of fun you can have in a motor vehicle. Designers of road networks are able to work out exactly how fast cars can drive safely on their roads, and so the very idea of traveling over this speed limit is steeped in stupidity. Also, stopping distances play a big role in determining the limits.

3. Distractions

Many places around the world have banned drivers from using mobile phones at the wheel, as they consider this endeavour to be directly related to lots of accidents. While this is yet to occur in many US states, you show pay attention to moves like this, as telephone and radio distractions account for more than 15% of all traffic collisions. In the same way, you should avoid holding in depth conversations with your passengers, as this can have the same effect.

4. Poor Weather

Finally, here’s a cause that isn’t necessarily related to human error or lack of attention. Sometimes our roads become slippery and dangerous due to extreme weather conditions, and this is listed as a main accident cause in around 11% of cases. Obviously, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a collision whether it was your own fault or not, you should get in touch with a specialist company like Greenstein and Milbauer, Personal Injury Attorneys.

So there you have it readers. Now you know about the 4 top causes of accidents and injuries on the roads today, you should be better prepared to ensure nothing like this ever happens when you’re at the helm. At the end of the day, you know the rules by now, and there’s no excuse for breaking them.

Stay safe!

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