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The UK Driving Test: How to Pass and What Happens Next

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As any petrol head will attest, there is no greater feeling than passing your test. If you are yearning to book and pass your driving test, there are a few things that you need to know before you are let loose at the wheel. If you are a learner driver in the UK, then it is imperative that you pass your theory test before you are allowed to book your practical test.

UK Driving Test

Yes. You need to write a written exam before you are let loose on the roads. The test is relatively straight forward, however, you do need to revise or you may be subjecting yourself to a fail.

The following eight tips should help you pass your both your practical and theory test:

  1. Stay calm

  2. Revise and do your homework

  3. Get the basics

  4. Be confident

  5. Try to drive on all types of roads prior to taking your test

  6. If you doubt your ability, ask your instructor to give you pointers on how to improve

  7. Do a mock test (this applies to both practical and theory)

  8. Try to learn to drive in as many different weather conditions as possible

So, now you have the tips to pass your test you probably want to know what comes next. First of all, book your driving theory test. After that pass it. For UK drivers, passing your theory test is imperative. Get it wrong, or fail and you will have to wait a few months until you can do it again. The theory test includes two sections. These are multiple choice questions. You will also have to undertake a hazard and perception test too. No one said that the road to being a driver was easy. You will have to revise very carefully in order to ensure that you pass as the multiple choice questions will be tough. You will have several answers at your disposal, but all of them will seem like the correct answer. You will need to ensure that you have answered 43 marks out of 50 right in order to pass this part of your theory test. Fun eh?

The second section of your test is to test your knowledge on hazard perception. You will need to learn to click on the screen at the correct time when the hazard occurs. Do be cautious not to over-click your screen as this will result in your failing. Although this seems a little odd, as clicking a screen will not quite prepare you for perceiving hazards when driving on the open road, the idea is to encourage prospective drivers to hone their perception skills.

Upon successful completion of your dreaded theory exams, you will then need to do the all important practical test. This is where most drivers thrive, as this is what you have been learning and leading up to. Remember to relax, take deep breaths and apply your knowledge of the roads accordingly. Be confident and remember that you have been building up to this for the last few months.

Once you have successfully completed, and passed, your practical driving test you will be awarded with that much coveted prize: a driving license!

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