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Tools in your Car in the Event of an Emergency

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Tools in your Car in the Event of an Emergency

No matter how likely an event is to take place, you should always prepare the worst. This is further true when it comes to protecting against the hazards brought by vehicular failure. You should keep a number of specialized and general tools in your motor vehicle in the event of an emergency. Here are just a few of them, as well as the reasons behind why you need them.

Food and Water

Take food that doesn’t expire too quickly, as well as water bottles, with you in your automotive emergency kit. You’ll never know when you could get stranded without cell phone service, an active Internet connection, or outside of walking distance of other people. We, as humans, can only live for a few days without drinking water. Although we can live without food for weeks, it’s always a good idea to include both food and water in your emergency pack.


There’s roughly a 50 percent chance that you will experience a car accident when it’s dark outside rather than when the Sun is up. As such, you should carry a working flashlight with you. The stronger it is – which is measured in candlepower – the better off you’ll be in an emergency situation. Always make sure to bring extra batteries that fit your flashlight or flashlights, too.

Spare Tires

If you’ve already used your spare tire, make sure to have it replaced with a new donut as soon as possible. As such, when you find yourself in the event of your tire getting popped, you can simply turn to your spare tire. Make sure not to ever leave your spare tire anywhere outside of your vehicle’s intended spot for holding it. If you do, you’re just asking to get a flat tire without a spare in your ride.

Jumper Cables

Since dead batteries are one of the most common types of car problems, you need jumper cables in your emergency roadside kit.

Whether you need to build an emergency roadside kit or used guardrails, we’ve got you covered.

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