Top 4 Cars Fit for Winter

Every winter there’s a new emerging winter vortex that rips through the northern states of the country. The states surrounding the Great Lakes tend to get the blunt force of the annual storm. And, when they do, people will look at their dingy back wheel drive coupe and wonder if it’s legitimately stable enough to handle another winter of this icy nightmare.  Maybe that two door convertible wasn’t the smartest investment for northern Wisconsin?

best winter cars

Currently on the auto market is a fleet of vehicles that are well-equipped for any harsh winter. These cars are always favored when the coldest time of the year controls your life.

Honda CRV

The Honda CRV is a versatile winter vehicle that’s comfortable for a family. If you’ve found yourself taking traffic school online, or find yourself traveling often during this time of the year as opposed to hibernating in the bedroom of your home, then Honda has the perfect vehicle for you. This SUV crossover has four wheel drive that is nearly necessary for driving in snow, and, to make it easier, the wheels are built to give you traction. Driving in snow without a durable car is almost as dangerous as driving without glasses.

Honda equipped their 2019 model with a turbocharged engine that offers torque when you need to kick out of a snow ditch and back onto the road. The model is also top of its class in safety. So, if you accidently slide into another vehicle, you’ll be protected behind the vehicle’s high performing safety feature.

Subaru Forester  

Speaking of safety focused vehicles. The Subaru Forester is the biggest competition the CRV has when staying safe on the road. The Forester is built to withstand a punch in the instance of a collision, but it also comes with several beneficial safety features, such as automatic braking.

However, the reason why the Forester makes such a great winter vehicle is because of the cargo room, all-wheel drive, and ability to endure packed snow and icy roads. You can use the Forester to navigate a snow drifted road during any blizzard. Worst case scenario, you can use the extra cargo room space to hold an emergency kit, some blankets, a pillow, and still have plenty of room for the whole family. 

Ford Fusion  

When you think of vehicles fit for the winter, you wouldn’t typically think of a sedan. There’s nothing wrong with sedans, but, compared to SUV or trucks, they wouldn’t be able to keep up on these cold conditions. However, the Ford Fusion will hold its own when competing with other heavy duty cars.

Just like the previous SUV models, the Fusion has safety features that help it keep every passenger secured on a potentially dangerous trip. The all-wheel drive, auto braking system, and lane assist are features that come in handy while navigating a snowy road. If you do end up stranded on the road, you’ll have plenty to do with the in car entertainment features which also comes with Wi-Fi. 

Mazda CX-5 

You can stay safe during the winter while also looking stylish. These are a few benefits behind the Mazda CX-5. With the option of all wheel drive and a turbocharged engine, this compact crossover has no problem with going toe-to-toe with other winter vehicles.

If you’re looking for a compact, fuel efficient vehicle to drive during the winter, then the Mazda CX-5 will be your top pick. The CX-5 has incredible control at just about any speed on the road. So, handling the vehicle on ice will be a breeze – but not like a winter breeze, because that would feel horrible.

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