Top Car Adaptations Drivers With Limited Mobility Find Useful In 2015

There are plenty of drivers on the road that have mobility problems. They stem from existing disabilities and medical conditions. Despite the challenges some people face in their daily lives, they can still drive on the road.

Thanks to car adaptations, many people with mobility problems can drive a car just like every other motorist. If you are planning to get on the road, you might think that your disability will stop you from doing so.

The truth is; there are plenty of ingenious adaptations that can help you get behind the wheel sooner than you think! Here are a few examples of the most popular ones available for people with mobility issues:

Hand Controls

If you have trouble using the pedals in your car, it is possible to have hand controls installed. The way that such adaptations work is simple. Instead of using your feet to control the accelerator and brake pedals, you can use “push/pull” devices.

Remote central locking

They are hand-operated controls that let you perform the same functions the pedals would have done. Such hand controls are usually fitted to cars with automatic transmissions.

Left Foot Accelerators

Some people find that they have limited mobility in their right legs. You might think such a disability would stop you from driving a car ordinarily. But, the good news is that you can have your vehicle modified, so you have a left foot accelerator!

Cars that have such adaptations are easily returned to “standard” at the end of a lease, for example.

Steering Wheel Balls

Today’s modern cars offer lightweight power steering as standard. But, despite that fact, some motorists find that they cannot easily turn the steering wheel.

A simple yet effective solution to that problem is to have a steering wheel ball fitted. It simply “clamps” onto your steering wheel. When you need to steer, you hold the ball in a comfortable position and use it to turn the wheel in your desired direction.

Swivel Seats

Do you find it hard to get in and out of your car? If so, you’ve probably decided to get a car with a higher roof line for easier access. When you click for Motability offers online, you might spot a practical car you could get. One example is the Skoda Fabia.

But, what happens if you still have some issues entering and exiting your vehicle? You might resign yourself to the fact that there’s nothing else you can do. Or is there?

Well, it turns out that you can get a swivel seat adaptation! The way swivel seats work is simple. They allow the whole seat to turn or swivel, making life easier for you. If you need to use a wheelchair, you can also get swivel seats to use with them too.

Electric Person Hoist

Last, but not least, you can get an electric person hoist. It’s a device that can help you get in and out of a car if you use a wheelchair.

Although you will need someone to help operate the device for you, it’s a convenient way of being able to use a car without making major changes to the interior.

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