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Top Items Every Truck Driver Should Own

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There are many kinds of automobiles in the world and trucks are one of them. Some people have a love for this particular type of vehicle because of how spacious, dynamic and versatile they can be. U.S. motor vehicle sales were even expected to hit a peak of 17 million units before 2018,and there must be a number of trucks that contribute to that figure. Owning and maintaining a truck can be a huge responsibility, so you should always have the right things at hand and be prepared. Here are a few top items every truck driver should own.

Truck Driver

Jumper Cables

For starters, one item every truck driver needs is jumper cables. In case your car ever stops, and a dead battery is the culprit, one of the things you’ll need to do is jumpstart it. To avoid having to run around looking for jumper cables especially if you’re in an abandoned place, have one that you can easily access. Having said that, you do need the electrical current from another car to get going.


A toolbox is a useful item to include in your truck. If you’re hands-on especially, the items inside can be useful if you need to fix a thing or two. It may also be a life-saver in the case of emergencies.

Some emergency items worth including in the toolbox have been mentioned below;

First Aid Kit-Every toolbox and car should have a first aid kit. It’s necessary as you never know when you may suffer an injury and need a few band-aids or cleansing alcohol. Some other items you should include in your first aid kit are adhesive tape, hand sanitizer, instant cold packs, or hydrogen peroxide amongst other items.

Bowden Cable– One thing you should keep inside of your car is a Bowden cable. It’s possible that you’ll need it at any time for. Also, you get custom Bowden cables made for vehicles such as a trailer, forklift truck or anything else you need it for.

CoolantYour truck overeating can be a nightmare. To avoid this, include a gallon of coolant in your toolbox as well. It should help reduce or regulate the temperature in case your car does end up overheating.

Spare Tires

Another item that you should have is a spare tire or two. You never know when you may get a flat, so always be prepared for that possibility. If your car didn’t come with a spare tire, you need to make sure you get the right one for your truck. When driving on a spare tire, make sure it’s properly inflated and check for damages or punctures to the tread.


These days, it seems people can’t function without their phones, so having a way to charge is crucial. You want to be sure that you aren’t stranded and unable to communicate with anyone, so always have at least two laying around your truck as they’re essential for your car. A carUSB will enable you to charge your phone without an electrical outlet, so think about trying that too.

Powered Truck Bed Light

In addition to what’s been mentioned, a truck bed light is ideal too. The lights should be useful if you have early mornings or late nights and need to see what’s going on. The bed light is easy to install and use which is an added benefit.

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