Toyota And Mazda Set To Expand Partnership

Toyota and Mazda are already teaming up for the Scion iA and Mazda2, but that partnership might just be the beginning. Reuters reports the two Japanese companies could expand their work together, with Toyota chipping in its experience with both fuel cells and plug-in-hybrid tech, and Mazda contributing its know-how in regards to its Skyactiv line of engines. The report cites a pair of unnamed sources that are “not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.”


The move, on the surface, is certainly appealing for both parties. Mazda has very little experience with hybrids (remember the Ford-rebadged Tribute Hybrid?), let alone something as advanced as a fuel-cell vehicle. Teaming with Toyota, arguably the world’s greatest hybrid manufacturer, would give it a serious leg up. For the Japanese giant, meanwhile, a partnership with Mazda could expand the economy of scale for the Mirai FCV’s tech, while Skyactiv engines would do well in replacing the base engines in cars like the Corolla, Camry, and RAV4.

What are your thoughts? Would an expanded partnership between Toyota and Mazda make sense? Can you think of any drawbacks? Have your say in Comments.

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