Toyota Rav4 Gains Even More Safety And Convenience

Toyota Rav4 Gains Even More Safety And Convenience – Jan 25, 2014– Melbourne, Australia (AutoReleased) – Toyota’s popular RAV4 SUV will further strengthen its position at the heart of the mid-size SUV market with the introduction of new technology and enhanced equipment levels.Toyota Rav4

RAV4 becomes the first Toyota vehicle in Australia to be fitted with Reverse Cross Traffic Alert^ for added safety and driver convenience when backing out of a car space.

It is also the first Toyota sold here to adopt Lane Departure Alert^, which is designed to alert the driver if the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane.

The two advanced technologies are now standard in the top-of-the-range RAV4 Cruiser, effective for vehicles produced since November 2013.

Toyota’s latest changes also mean every RAV4 is now fitted with a reversing camera^, which is new for GX variants.

All models in the 2014 RAV4 range have been specified with multimedia audio units operated through a 6.1-inch full-colour display screen and switches on the steering-wheel hub.

As the hero of the range, Cruiser variants also receive several other new features, including a premium 11-speaker JBL sound system with DAB+ digital radio.

Cruiser is further distinguished by the addition of Automatic High Beam^ that dips the headlights at night to avoid blinding other drivers and Back Guide Monitor that processes steering input to predict the path of a reversing vehicle, displaying this information through guidelines on the rear-camera image.

The range-topping variants are now shod with 18-inch wheels for the first time – machined alloys with black highlights along with wider and lower-profile 235/55 Dunlop tyres (previously 17-inch alloys with 225/65 tyres).

The additional safety, convenience and other features in Cruiser more than account for the price increase of $1,800*. Price rises for other variants are just $200*.

Toyota has also taken the opportunity with the 2014 RAV4 to refine the range by deleting four manual-transmission variants, reflecting consumer demand.

Toyota Australia’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the new safety and convenience technologies for RAV4 Cruiser were being introduced at the earliest opportunity.

“RAV4 was launched as recently as February and has been well received in Australia with sales this year reaching 15,595 – an increase of 21.2 per cent over the same period last year,” he said.

“Toyota’s commitment to safety and to our customers drove us to bring these latest features to the market now, rather than waiting for a more typical upgrade timing.”

RAV4 is covered by the capped-price Toyota Service Advantage at a maximum of $170 per service**.

Petrol and diesel power trains
RAV4 is offered with three four-cylinder engines, starting with a 107kW 2.0-litre petrol for the two-wheel drive (2WD) variants.

All-wheel drive (AWD) versions can be specified with a 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engine that develops 340Nm of torque, or a 2.5-litre petrol engine proven in the latest generation Camry that develops 132kW.

The 2WD RAV4 is fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox or Toyota’s Multidrive S automatic transmission that also provides drivers with a sporty, sequential seven-speed model.

Petrol AWD variants are fitted with a six-speed multi-mode sequential-shift automatic while diesel AWD RAV4 comes with the choice of the six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes.

RAV4 features Toyota’s advanced all-wheel drive technology, Dynamic Torque Control AWD.

Using information from various sensors (speed, steering angle and yaw rate), the system continuously controls the torque transfer between the front and rear wheels via an electromagnetically controlled coupling positioned in front of the rear differential.

Front-to-rear torque distribution can vary from 100:0 to 50:50, with front-wheel drive (100:0) automatically engaged under normal driving conditions to improve fuel consumption.

RAV4 uses a sophisticated, high-speed interactive management system to co-ordinate control of Dynamic Torque Control AWD, vehicle stability control and electric power steering systems to enhance performance, handling and safety under all driving conditions.

Reverse Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)^
RCTA is designed to provide added safety and driver convenience when backing out of a car space.

It warns the driver of approaching vehicles that may not be visible in either the rear-view camera or door mirrors.

A further refinement of Toyota’s Blind Spot Monitor technology, RCTA uses the same radar sensors in the exterior mirrors.

When approaching vehicles are detected, the system flashes the indicator lights on the door mirrors and also sounds a warning buzzer.

It operates when the reversing vehicle is travelling at less than 8km/h and vehicles are approaching from the left or right at between 8 and 28km/h.

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)^
LDA is designed to alert the driver when the system detects the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane.

A camera mounted to the vehicle’s windscreen can recognise certain types of road markings (white/yellow lines). It sounds a warning beep and provides a visual alert via the Multi-Information Display screen if the vehicle is veering out of its lane.

Automatic High Beam (AHB)^
AHB uses the same windscreen-mounted camera to detect the lack of light from surrounding street lamps or from other vehicles at night.

If the system deems driving on high beam is necessary, it will automatically switch the headlamps to high beam.

The system also detects when there are street lights or on-coming/preceding vehicles and will switch back to low beam to prevent dazzling other road users.


2WD petrol
GX manual $28,690
GXL manual $32,690

AWD petrol
GX auto $34,690
GXL auto $38,190
Cruiser auto $47,290

AWD diesel
GX manual $35,690
GXL manual $39,190
Cruiser auto $50,790

Automatic/CVT $2,500
Full-size spare (GX, GXL) $300

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