Toyota Supra Trd Performance Line Concept To Be Revealed In Japan

A Toyota Supra TRD Concept is on its way, and we only have to wait till February 9 to see it. Officially named the Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD (that’s the last time we’ll say that, too) it looks like a racy Supra with a big ol’ wing hanging out the back.

Toyota Supra Trd

All we have to go on is the sketch of the car’s silhouette, which looks pretty good. The folks over at TRD generally bring more to the party than just aesthetic updates, though. We’ll be intrigued to see if any significant power is added to the equation, possibly enough to bring it in line with the BMW Z4’s 382 horsepower? Maybe we’re dreaming. Aero, brake and suspension enhancements are most likely a given. The sketch is definitely exaggerating how low to the ground it’ll ultimately stand, but we’re still excited to see how Toyota chooses to modify the Supra first.

If Toyota were to rip the wing off the Mk IV and slap it on this car we wouldn’t be disappointed. As of now they appear to be going the more functional route for the concept, with a wing designed to produce copious amounts of downforce. It’s easy to begin speculating like mad about a car like this, but we should keep in mind that it’s only a concept. What ultimately makes it into production or an aftermarket parts catalog is anyone’s guess.

In case you were thinking of going to see it, know that TRD is pulling the wraps off at the Osaka Automesse in Japan — a long flight away from the Supra’s reveal in Detroit last month. If you missed out on all the juicy details then, there’s a backlog of Supra content for you to catch up on; from all the details on features and specs at the reveal, to comparisons, to our varied opinions on the new Supra, we’ve got you covered.

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