Two Mighty Fall Pickup Trucks Worth A Roll: Nissan Titan Pro 4X And Ford F-250 King Ranch

There are two kinds of “off-road” experiences. The first is where you need to hop a curb, go through or over a snowdrift or negotiate a portion of road that isn’t paved. “Off-road” for reals is when your vehicle is tilted so far to one side that you can see pavement a few feet away from your window. That’s the “off road” test we did with our Titan Pro. Did we flip? Not even close. Flip out? Yea. We loved the truck.

Nissan Ford F-250

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We were only in the Titan less than 5 hours for the purposes of this test, but rarely have we met a pickup that dampens the most uncomfortable aspects of truck-drivership. Skyward we crawled, several of us, semi-vertically up a hill of dirt and down the other side, letting the vehicle do the work via “hill descent control.” Flip a switch, ease the foot off the accelerator and the system automatically maintains speed and brake pressure to help provide a controlled descent. Down we went again, no fuss or worry.

The $47,480 Pro-4X XD features a mess of extras, too, which will help tradespeople do their jobs, hardcore campers have a safe forest experience, or bands haul drums, amps and the P.A. Click here to poke around and see both the base Titans and the company’s more expensive trims with their power heated black extendable tow mirrors with puddle lights and integrated turn signals, integrated gooseneck hitches, dampened opening tailgate with closure assist, Trailer Sway Control and much more.

Our tester housed the 6.7-liter turbodiesel V-8 making 440 hp and 925 lb-ft of torque. Mated to a 6-speed automatic, the diesel-powered pickups claim a towing ability 32,000 freakin’ pounds. But! If you’re going to be hauling that much tonnage, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license, says the company.

The truck uses a fully boxed, ladder frame underneath that’s been stiffened up to 24 times more than the last generation pickup. It’s also got a very handy extendable step with an accompanying “steady pole” for when you’re jumping on and off the truck as we did when helping our older brother empty out a storage facility.

The downside? Not a whole lot. The mileage, withheld in our press materials, can’t be great; we’re guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 MPG. It’s big, big, big – big in your driveway, big at the mall, big when parallell parking. But calling an F-250 “big” isn’t an insult – quite the opposite.

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