Understanding the Importance of Farming

Many Americans are familiar with the patriotic lyrics to America the Beautiful which announce the beauty of amber waves of grain. The impact of agriculture on our economy was significantly higher in years past, but there is still something to be said about those who farm the Midlands and develop rural lands into bountiful fields. Without the support of farming equipment, agricultural scientists, grain haulers, hard workers and a receptive public, the agricultural industry would falter and reveal how much of our economy truly rely on this industry.

Importance of Farming

Advancements in Agriculture

Old things can become new with the help of some research scientists and technological improvements. Over time, the venture knows as farming has been given great attention with regard to sustainability, machinery, processing, transportation and resource inputs. Formerly, American farmers were operating on a subsistence level, growing and cultivating enough produce or resources to feed their family and the local community. Now, commercialization ventures have placed a significant demand for innovative ways to remain profitable while mass producing certain commodities.

Farming and agriculture are usually associated with livestock, produce or grain. The actual reaches of this industry include a host of other products than those typically attributed to food needs for humans and animals. Other goods could include fertilizers, leather, cut flowers, nursery plants, biofuels, fibers and industrial chemicals. Both legal and illegal drugs also rely on agriculture to sustain production of substances such as marijuana, tobacco, cocaine or opioids.

The agricultural industry is also one of the largest exports in the US. Soybean is considered one of the leading exports, with items like cotton, corn and wheat also doing well in foreign markets. China is the largest consumer of American agricultural exports, with Canada placing second in purchases of US-based farming goods. Foreign export activity accounts for about twenty percent of farming profits, making it a significant contributor supporting American farming job and rural community economics.

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