Updated Nissan March For The Japan Market

Updated Nissan March for the Japan market – Jun 24, 2013– Yokohama, Japan  (AutoReleased) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the updated Nissan March for the Japan market, which goes on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide.

Updated Nissan March G

Updated Nissan March G

The Nissan March has been enjoying tremendous customer response for more than 30 years since the first-generation model was released in 1982. The current fourth-generation model, on sale since July 2010, has been acclaimed for its best-in-class fuel economy, superior ease of driving and user-friendly equipment.

The newly updated March offers a unique exterior design with an enhanced presence and sense of quality, thanks to the addition of a V-shaped chrome-plated finish on the front grille and stylish chrome accents for the headlights.

The car’s interior has also been upgraded. The cabin now exudes a premium feel and lustrous impression by way of a new embossing pattern — characterized by an upscale texture that’s soft to the touch — on the suede-like upholstery for the seat and door trims. The classy theme is further accentuated by a new interior color, Plum, along with a new silver stitching color for the seats.

In addition, the car offers a more sophisticated-looking presentation of the center cluster, as well as silver and chrome-plated accents placed throughout the cabin. The March also has adopted a piano-black-colored center cluster finisher*1 option. All of these enhancements help the interior exude a high quality feel.

Nine different exterior color choices are available, including two new colors, Nadeshiko Pink and Olive Gold, which emphasize the March’s unique character.

Among the 2WD grades, “X,” “X V Selection,” “G” and “S” qualify for the tax exemption for environmentally-friendly vehicles*², with automobile acquisition and weight taxes reduced by 75 percent for X, X V Selection and G, and 50 percent for S.

<Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (including consumption tax)>
Engine Grades Transmission Price (JPY)
2WD HR12DE S Xtronic CVT 1,042,650
X 1,211,700
X V Selection 1,253,700
G 1,417,500
4WD X FOUR 1,384,950
X FOUR V Selection 1,426,950
G FOUR 1,590,750

The major changes in specifications and equipment of the new March are:

  • Exterior
    • Nine available exterior colors, including two new colors: Nadeshiko Pink (PM) *3 and Olive Gold (M) *3 (Seven colors including two new colors available for the S grade)
    • Modified front grille design
    • Modified design for the front bumper and front bumper lower grille
    • Adoption of high-quality upscale design for the headlights, which emphasizes the contrast with chrome and black trim
    • Adoption of chrome-plated outside door handles (G, G FOUR)
    • Change to LED High Mount Stop Lamp
    • Modified design for the 14-inch full wheel cover
    • Modified design of the rear combination lamps which renders a higher quality appearance
    • Modified design of the rear bumper which emphasizes a wide stance and a strong sense of stability
  • Interior
    • Adoption of a new interior color, Plum (G, G FOUR)
    • Suede-like cloth provides a soft feel to the touch, with a modern embossing pattern for the seats and doors as well as silver stitching on the seat cloth (G, G FOUR). Tricot cloth fabric seat trim (all grades except for G and G FOUR)
    • Chrome trim around the speedometer and chrome-plated finish on the air conditioner center outlet knob, and the adoption of plated inner door handle (G, G FOUR)
    • Modified center cluster design
    • Silver metallic finisher trim used around the center cluster as well as in the steering wheel, shift knob, front power window switch base, air conditioner outlet and elsewhere (some are available on G and G FOUR)
    • Piano-black-colored center cluster finisher and ozone-safe full-auto air conditioner package offered as a factory-installed surface option (G and G FOUR)
  1. *1: Factory-installed option on G and G FOUR
  2. *2: For details, please refer to the Nissan March eco-car tax reduction website.
  3. *3: PM stands for Pearl Metallic and M, Metallic.


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