Vehicle Exercise Duty Rule Change

As of April 1st 2017, a new rule change will come into play – car tax will no longer be determined based solely on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. Moving forward, your car tax will be calculated primarily on the value of your vehicle, a factor which hasn’t previously been considered in the car tax world.

What does this mean for new car buyers? Buyers who choose to purchase a new vehicle before April will have their car tax calculated against the old rules, but those of you who purchase after will feel the effects of the new rules – and the more expensive your car, the more you are likely to pay in car tax.

With the new rule change not far away, new and used car dealership Motorparks has produced an easy-to-follow infographic to guide you on how the new rules might affect you. The visual includes all the need-to-know information, as well as which vehicles are most likely to be hit the hardest following the rule change. An example: the Mercedes-Benz C300 is set to be hit the hardest – with buyers expected to pay an extra £2,370 over time.

Worried you might be hit with an expensive surprise when you buy your new car? Discover the infographic below to find out all the information you need to know – and also check out this online calculator to beat the tax increase.

Motorparks - New VED Rules

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