What Infuriates a Car Driver in UK?

Statistics reveal that the number of cars on the UK roads has been increased by 16.5% since 2000. This instantly led to the realisation that British drivers must be getting frustrated while driving on busy roads. A parking website took the task of finding out what infuriates the motorists driving in the UK and conducted a study.

Car Driver in UK

The survey conducted by YourParkingSpace covered 1,028 drivers in the UK. They asked them about their driving habit and discovered the driving attitudes that annoyed them the most. The things that topped the list were motorists not indicating, drivers engaged in a mobile conversation and hefty parking fees.

Other things that enraged road users were:

  • People not indicating – 72%
  • Talking on a mobile phone – 71%
  • Bad parking – 56%
  • Traffic Jams – 52%
  • Slow drivers – 42%
  • Not being able to find a parking space – 40%

Apparently, people not indicating are intolerable for most of the British motorists (both men and women), while talking on a mobile phone is next with half of the voters disliking this behaviour. According to the survey, slow drivers annoyed men more than women.

40% of the participants complained they have a hard time finding a parking spot. A deeper study into this complaint revealed that Britishers were irritated not only by the shortage of parking spaces but also their rates. The public was asked to share their thoughts about the parking fares in their local area. The results were shocking:

  • Parking fees are too expensive – 48%
  • Parking fees are reasonable – 29%
  • Parking is free – 23%

Most of the participants confessed they feel the parking charges were quite high. Further study into the matter disclosed the parking fees differ from area to area. 40% of the motorists who lived in England said the parking rates were expensive. So was the case with Scotland dwellers. Coincidentally, 33% respondents also belonging to Scotland (north of the border) admitted they could park free of cost. This is because Scotland has the highest number of free parking spots in the UK.

Harrison Woods (Managing Director, YourParkingSpace) admitted that the results were pretty interesting. The things that British motorists disliked could be harmful and life threatening. They were also violating the traffic rules. One thing that he anticipated was the frustration caused by lack of parking spots. 40% of the people got annoyed while searching for parking spaces, whereas some were very disappointed with the rates. The demand of parking areas has risen in the recent years, and as the size of vehicles continues to increase, parking spaces are falling short.

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