What Makes Ford a Good Choice?

Ford is probably the world’s most famous automobile manufacturer, probably because they were the first to be producing cars on a major scale. There are plenty of other reasons however, that explain why the American marque is sold in major numbers all over the world. Let’s take a look at why Ford is popular, and what it means for your next car purchasing decision.

Ford a Good Choice


Ford occupies the middle space of the car market in most countries. This usually means that it offers vehicles that the majority of new buyers can afford, but the quality is of a good standard. They aren’t budget cars, but nor are they luxury. The Ford Mustang for instance is a legendary performance car, but it was always intended that it should be affordable to most people. That’s the Ford way of doing things. Click here to find out what your dream Ford might cost.


The current generation of Ford cars is well known for being good to drive, right throughout the range. Some superminis and MPVs made by other companies are more about getting from A to B, but the dynamics in Ford cars is there to ensure driving is a pleasure. As an example, the Ford Fiesta is a small car with a small price tag, but many major media outlets have reported that it is very involving to drive. The performance-oriented ST model is a class-leader.


While Ford isn’t necessarily up there with the major Japanese manufacturers in terms of reliability, the brand is known to produce cars that are better than average (often ranking in the top ten of major reliability indices), and when things do go wrong, parts aren’t too expensive either. This is a good combination for those who need a car that they can depend on. Widespread coverage of dealerships means that you’re never far away from being able to get the expert assistance that you need.


Being one of the oldest and largest manufacturers means that Ford is always at the forefront of technology, which is exciting for anyone who likes to see the automotive world being driven forwards. The EcoBoost engines are one of their recent developments, which are turbocharged for increased efficiency. The new Ford Mustang even has a version as an option. You can also specify self-parking on some models, which means that the vehicle will use sensors to automatically manoeuvre itself into tight spots.

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