What Makes The Dacia Duster Such A Popular Purchase?

The Dacia car brand have been around for a few decades now. But it is only until recently that it has been making waves in the automotive industry. They are a Romanian car company that Renault have owned since 1999.

Dacia cars

In some parts of the world, Dacia cars sell under the Renault brand. One of the firm’s flagship models is the Duster. In fact, the model is such a best-seller that it has helped to bolster Renault’s sales figures, according to a recent news report.

So what is it about this car that makes it sell like hotcakes? Here are some of the reasons for its success:

It’s practical

The Dacia Duster is a compact SUV and is a practical and versatile vehicle. The flagship car was first available in 2010. It has got five doors and is available in two-wheel drive and 4×4 formats.

It has a luggage capacity of 475 litres, and with the high headroom, it is an ideal car for growing families. To give you an idea of the size, the car measures 4.3 metres by 2.0 metres and is 1.6 metres high.

It’s cheap to buy

In the United Kingdom, the Dacia Duster costs just £9,495 for the basic “Access” model. The top of the range variant is the 1.5-litre Laureate, at £15,495. You will notice that similar cars by other manufacturers will cost at least an extra £5k!

Dacia doesn’t hide the fact that it is a no-frills, budget car brand. If you click here for Dacias, you can see just how mouthwatering their prices are. Because of today’s turbulent global economy, it is hard to justify spending more money on a new car. And that is the reason Dacia are cashing in, because their prices are more realistic for today’s car buyers.

It’s reliable

Even though the car brand is Romanian, the engineering input for the Dacia Duster is from its French parent, Renault. The engines, transmissions and technology are all derived from Renault.

Renault have sharpened up its reliability in recent years. So if you want to buy a “Renault” at a bargain price, you should opt for a Dacia instead! It’s just like how Skoda cars are as reliable and well-built as Volkswagen cars are, for instance.

The four-wheel drive version of the Dacia Duster comes from Nissan, with whom Renault have an alliance with. It allows the driver to choose three different driving modes.

There are petrol and diesel versions

Dacia understands that some drivers prefer petrol cars, whereas others want diesels. That is why the firm offer the Duster with a choice of both engines.

The petrol engine is a 1.6-litre unit that offers 103 brake horsepower and fuel economy of 39 mpg combined. For diesel drivers, the 1.5-litre dCi offers extra performance at 110 brake horsepower. Its fuel economy boasts an impressive 56 mpg combined, and its emissions are only 130 g/km.

The motoring press loves the Duster

Search online and you will find nothing but praise for this cheap and practical SUV. It’s worth taking a Duster out for a test drive, and you will see why they love it so much!

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