What Makes the VW Polo So Popular?

While the first car to pop into most people’s heads when you mention Volkswagen might be the Golf or Beetle, the Polo is nonetheless a very well-loved car, and is increasing in popularity rapidly. For a long time it was in the shadow of its larger cousins, but just a few years ago it managed to crack the top ten most popular new cars in the UK, and has been very popular ever since.


Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

An Accomplished All-Rounder

It’s easy to see why the Polo is now more popular than ever. It used to be the case that the little car was one of the cheapest routes into owning a VW, and the lack of quality often showed. It made little sense to buy one over the much more accomplished Golf. Now however, the Polo is a very good car in its own right, with many critics remarking it to be essentially a smaller Golf, but now with all of the quality you’d expect from the larger car too. The current generation Polo, the Mk5, actually won both European and World Car of the Year when it was released in 2010.

It’s well built and reliable, as you’d expect from a VW, but comes with plenty of character, as is so important in this segment these days. Cars like the Fiesta are not sold on their affordability, but their fun factor. The little VW is good to drive, good to look at, and is seen as the more upmarket choice in the market. It’s affordable, but certainly not a budget car.

Polos for Everyone

Part of the widespread appeal of the Polo is, like the Golf, it can appeal to many different buyers. At one end are the BlueMotion cars which offer exceptionally good fuel economy, and at the other is the GTI model, which has many of the same characteristics of the earlier Golf GTI models. The previous generation Polo also had the Dune version, which was a chunkier and tougher car with a higher ground clearance.

If you’re looking for a very well-rounded supermini, then it’s hard to look beyond the Polo. According to Orangewheels they start at very reasonable prices. There are few other cars in the class that offer the same feeling of quality, and who’s to question all of the people moving from the Golf to its smaller stablemate?

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