What Should You Check After Buying A Used Car?

In today’s climate, the used car market is more popular than ever. With a little research and haggling, it’s possible to acquire some fantastic deals. However, you cannot expect the previously owned car to be perfect.

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Some issues aren’t the end of the world. But there are some that will need repair, and it’s important to act quickly. Paying out for this work can be a little frustrating, but the overall deal is still far better than buying a new motor.

Here are the four factors you should check out. And if there is a problem, be sure to fix it immediately.

Fluid Levels

This is a nice and easy one to start with, especially as it shouldn’t be a problem. Most sellers will have taken care of this process before selling, but it’s still important to check those fluid levels.

Not maintaining these can result in serious problems for the car. The more likely outcome, though, is that it will cause wear and tear. Ultimately, this will reduce the lifespan of other parts. This is the last thing that any driver wants, particularly when this is such an easy aspect to care for.


The vehicle is comprised of various important parts. However, it’s the tyres that come into direct contact with the road at all times. Air pressure is an important aspect of the car’s comfort levels. More importantly, the condition of the tread is vital to the performance and safety of the car.

If the tyres need replacing, then it’s imperative that you do it ASAP. Home tyre fitting makes it a simple process, so you’ve no excuse to delay. It’s well worth the investment. After all, you can’t put a price on your safety.


Along with the tyres, your brakes are a crucial part of the car’s safety features. Faulty brakes could leave you vulnerable to accidents, and potentially put your health at risk. If there’s even a slight issue, it’s important that you find a professional to look this aspect of the car over.

Poorly condition brakes can impact other parts of the car too. Not fixing them now could end up costing you more money in the long run. Besides, the knowledge that they aren’t in perfect health will put you on edge throughout your driving habits.

There’s no point buying a new car in the first place if you won’t even enjoy the drive. Get them fixed.

Strut suspension

The primary purpose of any car is to transport you from one destination to another. If it does this safely, then you can’t have too many complaints. However, every driver knows the importance of comfort and enjoyment. The strut suspension is a crucial element, and cannot afford to be overlooked.

By supporting the weight of the car properly, you’ll enjoy a smoother drive. It does make the vehicle safer too, so it shouldn’t be hard to find an incentive. Just be sure that it’s replaced properly as it can potentially alter other parts too.

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