What To Do If You Breakdown

It is just a normal day commuting to and from work, when all of a sudden your car decides that it doesn’t want to get you home. Breaking down can be your worst nightmare realised. But do not fret. Like other emergencies, there is a procedure and protocol in place to help you deal with it. This guide will provide you with a number of tips should your car suddenly decide to breakdown.

What To Do If You Breakdown

Breakdown on the Motorway

Motorways can be the most hazardous type of road to breakdown on. Cars and lorries rush past at speed and in close proximity. The first thing you should do is to get the car on the hard shoulder. Park as far over as you can, increasing the distance between you and other road users. Ensure that your hazards are on and working effectively. You should always carry an emergency kit with you. Kits normally contain a flashlight, hi-viz jacket and other essential items. These things will be very useful should you break down at night.

Breakdown on Other Roads

Much like breaking down on a Motorway, your main priority is your safety. Ensure that you can find a safe place to pull over and activate your hazard lights. The further you are from other traffic the safer you will be. If you breakdown at night then you should always keep your lights on, if possible. This will help passing traffic see you.

Breakdown Cover

If you have breakdown cover, your first point of call will be to ring them. They should be with you in about an hour (on average). If you do not have breakdown cover, you will have to assess the damage yourself.

No Breakdown Cover

You have a couple of choices if you do not have breakdown cover. Firstly, you could search for a vehicle recovery company if you have a working mobile phone. They will be able to help you, at a cost to tow your vehicle back to home or the closest garage.

However, if you are quite mechanically minded, you can assess your vehicle yourself. It may come to fruition that you only have a tyre puncture. If that is the case, you can call a mobile tyre fitting company to come and replace the tyre at the roadside.

If your vehicle is not suffering from a flat or punctured tyre, then you will need to check the mechanical elements. You may be able to fix some problems yourself; however, you will need to be carrying the right tools to do so. If the problem is a little more complex, you may need to revert to calling a vehicle recovery company.

Some Helpful Tips

Here are some other helpful tips should you suffer the misfortune of a breakdown:

  • Make sure all passengers vacate the vehicle by the left hand side door, or the one furthest from the traffic.

  • Keep people away from other vehicles and keep children under control at all times.

  • Use your emergency kit, especially reflective jackets if it is dark.

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