What To Do If You Misplace Your Car Keys

Nobody wants to lose their car keys during a long day shopping in town. However, there is a high likelihood that will happen at some point in your life. So, it makes sense that you should understand how to deal with the situation. Depending on the age of your vehicle, the process might be very simple. Even so, we’ll offer some excellent tips today. With a bit of luck, they should help to ensure you can get back inside your car as soon as possible. As you will discover, sometimes it’s best to take precautions before you lose your keys.

car keyRetrace your steps

The easiest way to get inside your vehicle is to find the keys. So, it is wise to retrace your steps and see if you can locate them. You might have left them in a shop when you paid at the checkout. You could have dropped them in changing rooms when you tried on some new clothes. In most instances, sometimes will have handed your keys over to the shop manager. That means you just have to work out where you might have parted company. Presuming you find your keys along the route you’ve taken, you can now go home in peace.

Pull the lock using a wire rod

Your car needs to be around fifteen years old for this technique to work. So, maybe buying that second-hand model wasn’t such a bad idea? You shouldn’t bother with this suggestion if you have central locking because it won’t work. Those of you with older models should visit a nearby DIY store. You can pick up a short length of copper wire and bend the end to create a hook. Some people even use coat hangers. You then slide the wire into the door where it joins the window pane. Move the wire towards your lock and see if you can lift it up. It can sometimes take a while to get it right. However, criminals have stolen thousands of cars using that method over the years. Stick with it, and you are sure to succeed.

Try to force the window down

It is important you are careful when trying to force your window down. Too much pressure, and it could break. That might result in your becoming injured. That said, lots of people experience success when using this idea. You just need to lean against the side of your car and place both hands flat on the window. You then apply a downward force to see if you can move the glass. It might take a few minutes to get it right, but your window should begin to come down.

Contact the experts

Those of you with modern cars will struggle to get inside without a key. Recent editions are created with security in mind. So, it’s often hard to gain access. All you can do is call a professional car locksmith and ask for their assistance. You will have to pay a fee for their help. Make sure you ask about how much they charge before you sign paperwork. Most will do the job for only a few dollars. So, everyone’s a winner.

We hope you don’t get locked out of your car at a critical time. However, at least you all know how to get back inside. Sometimes you can also call breakdown companies. You just need to look through your paperwork ahead of time to find out if they offer that service. Presuming your breakdown provider does that sort of thing, you should save their number in your smartphone.

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