What You Should Know Before You Buy An SUV

You no longer need to have an interest in off-roading to want an SUV. SUVs have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years, and now everyone has one, for good reasons too. Unlike cars, they give you better value for money, and they go anywhere they want without special permission. When was the last time you went off the beaten track in a family estate? Still, buying an SUV isn’t a formality, and there are a few things you should be aware of before you splash the cash.

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Is It Car Based Or Truck Based

As you may have gathered, both represent the attributes of cars and trucks that you want in your SUV. A car based SUV, for example, is quieter, has better handling, is more fuel efficient and is a better ride in terms of comfort. A truck-based SUV is better off road and is sturdier because of the truck bodies they use, which means it has better durability and can tow larger vehicles. You need to analyse what you want from your SUV before you decide on what attributes are for you.


There are three sizes of SUV, starting with the compact and midsize and finishing with the full size. If you hear the term ‘crossover’ or ‘hybrid’ you should ignore it because it is just a marketing ploy. Again, the size of the sport-utility vehicle depends on the attributes you want. The bigger the SUV, the more horsepower and engine power it has, plus it can tow more, and there is more room for passengers. However, the price reflects the jump in quality so you will have to pay a lot extra for a bigger version.


Obviously, the price is a big factor because buying a vehicle is not cheap. As previously mentioned, the size affects the amount of money you will have to pay. The smaller an SUV, the cheaper it is likely to be because it has fewer features. However, they can still do the majority of the work that a large or luxury SUV can, so they are great value for money.


How much does your safety matter? That sounds like a facetious question because everyone wants to be safe when they drive. But, a lot of people don’t think about their safety before they buy a vehicle. They just assume that it is safe. A lot of SUVs are safe, but some are safer than others. For the safest possible ride, you want to check the availability of antilock brakes, airbags and stability control. There are even external cameras and parking sensors available so you can see every angle of the car.

2WD Or 4WD

Some SUVs just have 2WD, which means that only two of the wheels provide power. If you plan on going off the beaten track, you are going to need 4WD to make sure you don’t get stuck in tricky situations. What’s the point of having an SUV if you can’t go off road?

There is an SUV for you out there. All you need to do before you buy it is consider a few of these factors, so you don’t choose poorly.

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