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Which Family Car is the Safest in 2015?

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There is so much to think about when you’re a parent buying a car. You want reliability, you want comfort, and you want space. But most parents would sacrifice all of those things as long as they had a car that was safe. For a family car this is the single most important feature, everyone wants to buy a car that will keep them and their children secure. So, if you’re wondering which cars are among the safest on the market in 2015, here’s a list to help you.

Nissan Qashqai

5. Volkswagen Passat Saloon

Volkswagen has always had a great safety record. But they surpassed all expectations with the new Passat saloon model. It impresses in almost all areas. It was awarded 5 stars by the Euro NCAP crash-testing organisation. It has autonomous braking that can help prevent crashes at low speeds. This will hopefully stop you needing another course of whiplash treatment in Spokane, WA. This is an innovation that more cars will be looking to incorporate in their models in future.

The only drawback with the car is that the tests found that the loading on a child’s neck was slightly high. This is a relatively minor issue though and the car still scores 87% on child safety.


4. Nissan Qashqai

Sometimes the safest family cars can simply be the biggest. If your car is bulkier it will be a bit more secure. This is a simple fact. It’s certainly true of the Nissan Qashqai too. The car scores 100% on driver protection and does almost as well on child and passenger protection too.

The Qashqai also offers driver drowsiness detection. This function allows the car to take action and pull over if the driver falls asleep at the wheel. When you consider how many crashes are caused by tiredness and driver incapacitation, this is a great added function.

3. Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon offers consistently excellent safety features. The car is particularly good for passenger safety – something that might appeal to parents with slightly older children.

There are ten airbags in the car as well as 3-point seatbelts for every seat in the car. All in all, the Avalon is a car that goes above and beyond in terms of safety.

2. Honda CR-V

You might not usually consider Honda as a manufacturer who place a particular importance on safety. The CR-V, however. takes safety very seriously.

As well as scoring a 93% driver safety rating, it also offers very good protection for pedestrians. The bumper scored 100% when the damage it would cause to pedestrians was tested. You can also set a driver speed limitation device to make sure you never surpass a certain speed limit

1. Volvo V40 Hatchback

When you think safety, you think Volvo. The manufacturer is synonymous with safety so by now when they release a new car; a great safety rating is pretty much guaranteed.

They didn’t disappoint with the V40, which is now the safest car on the market, bar none. For drivers, passengers and pedestrians, the NCAP safety scores were streets ahead of any of its competitors. If you want the safest possible car for your family, the Volvo V40 is the car for you.


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