Why choose a Hybrid car when you buy a used or new car next

The future is green, that is what the manufacturers of Hybrid or Electric cars want you to believe. However, the Hybrid has never also been able to convince people. Why is that?

For years, certainly when the Hybrid vehicle were first launched, people doubted the cars performance and durability. However, newer Hybrids provide the perfect solution for those who want to go green.

Electric cars(Thanks to Hadley Paul Garland for the wonderful image, via Flickr)

These eco-friendly, fuel efficient cars are great, and here are a few reasons why people buy them:

–          The cars are lightweight and compact in size. The materials used in manufacturing these cars allow the cars to become incredibly fuel efficient. When driving the vehicle you will naturally make stops at traffic lights, in doing so the engine will automatically switch off. Saving on fuel and reducing the amount of pollutants from the engine.

–          As these cars are duel fuel (running on gas and electric) you will receive better performance as each compliments the ability to accelerate.

–          Using kinetic energy generated when you apply the brakes, the battery will automatically recharge itself using this energy.

–          It is a fact that Hybrid cars can help save the planet. They produce fewer emissions as they are very fuel efficient. This means you get more mileage out of them (per tank) as they are idle less.

–          Every Hybrid car has been designed with aerodynamics in mind. Less drag on the car means less power being wasted. Better tires will also help, as they reduce the friction on the road.

–          The battery is composed of a nickel-metal-hydride.

–          The Hybrid car has a couple of power sources, meaning that the car can improve on the mileage compared to a gas only vehicle.

–          Big brand manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, GMC, Ford and Chevrolet all produce Hybrid cars, so they are worth checking out. They are not the only ones either, your favourite car manufacturer will also have a Hybrid version.

–          The US Government want you to have a Hybrid car, they appreciate that we need to reduce our emissions. To encourage you to use a Hybrid, they offer some very generous tax breaks.

–          If you have environmental concerns or not, you will get no better pleasure in knowing that when you drive a Hybrid you are actually helping to preserve our delicate planet for future generations.

These are just some of the many benefits of buying and using a Hybrid car. You can check out the range of Hybrid cars at Leggat car dealership Burlington if you want to have a look at the different car manufacturers on offer.

Before you go and save the planet and hit the forecourt, it is recommended that you go and do some in-depth research into the advantages and disadvantages of the Hybrid car. Not all car manufacturers are the same, and each is built to different specifications. You may find out that having a Hybrid car costs you more, or just is not right for your lifestyle.

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