Why People Are Selling Their Cars Now More Than Ever

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be an increase in the amount of used cars that are normally for sale? You might think that people are giving up driving for whatever reason, but the truth is, the number of cars on the roads increases on an annual basis!

Selling CarsSo, why are there increasing numbers of used cars for sale? The answer is simple: because people are buying newer cars – and in many cases, brand new models. In today’s blog post, I will discuss some of the reasons why that is so.


Let’s be realistic; cars are mechanical devices, and, as such, only have a limited lifespan.

Unless you have an unlimited bank balance and are happy to throw thousands at your car for its repairs and upkeep, it is uneconomic to own a car that requires a lot of money spending on it each month.

I recently had to sell my car because it was getting to the point where I was sometimes spending hundreds to repair it, and, as time went on, the value of the car was getting lower.


Given that we live in a world that is concerned about the increasing levels of pollution, in particular carbon emissions, many governments around the world are raising the price of vehicle taxes each year in order to put people off keeping their high-polluting vehicles.

Generally, the smaller the engine, the lower the taxes you will have to pay on it. But sometimes even small-engined vehicles can pollute as much as their bigger brothers.

One of the reasons why significant numbers of motorists sell up and buy new cars is because they want a car that doesn’t cost them a fortune in government taxes. Scotlandcarbuyer.co.uk, for example, have noted that most of their customers sell their cars for that very reason.

New car deals

The thing about people is that if they see something new and shiny, they will often find it hard to resist the temptation to buy it!

Car dealers are only too aware of that fact, and so, in collaboration with car manufacturers, they will present a constant raft of mouthwatering deals on brand new cars!

For many people, buying a brand new car often makes more sense than keeping their existing used car on the road. With petrol and diesel prices at an all-time high, carmakers around the world are constantly developing engines that are extremely fuel-efficient, and more so than previous units.

Some of the new car offers that car dealers advertise include 0% interest on finance packages, manufacturer deposit allowance, free insurance and road tax for a year, and even free fuel for a year!

Lifestyle changes

Sometimes the reason people sell their cars isn’t necessarily out of cost, but simply due to lifestyle changes. For instance, if you drive around in a small hatchback car and you are expecting a baby soon, buying a bigger car such as a saloon or estate makes perfect sense.

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