Why You Need A Subaru To Get A World Class Driving Experience

Subarus have always been an oddity here in the West. Fine Japanese precision design coupled with efficient and powerful engines have always made the Subaru a rare thing. Japan usually produces modest compact family cars. They’re not exactly as well know for their sports offerings. That is exactly part of the reason a Subaru will blow you away. Here are a few other reasons to garner your interest.


The Design

There’s something about how a Subaru looks. It’s just so easy on the eye. The rounded curves sometimes offset by a high sports spoiler. The traditional black and blue color scheme just makes it stand out from the rest too. Don’t feel limited to just those colors either. A stark white Subaru will turn heads just as easily. You’ll probably have to wash it more, but you’ll enjoy it. It’s not like washing a piece of junk sedan that’s well past its best.

The Power

Subarus are familiar in the world of motorsport. Anybody with even a basic knowledge of rally racing knows that Subarus are common. They’re about to tear down the straights as fast as any other car, but they can take the sharp corners like they were nothing. Subarus are also known on the Japanese street racing scene for the same reason. Being able to drift around corners is a specialty of the Subaru. No other car does it quite as well. Power doesn’t have to come at the expense of handling with this one.


A lot of high-class cars need specific garages to be worked on. The average car repairman doesn’t have experience with the likes of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. A Subaru can get repaired almost anywhere though. What does this mean for you though? First of all it means you don’t have to travel to a specialist garage. It could be there isn’t one near you for miles and miles. If the car is inoperable, that means hiring a tow truck for up to an hour to two hours to reach the garage. A Subaru can go into any garage and get serviced. No mess, and no fuss. Secondly, you don’t have to spend a fortune ordering custom parts shipped directly from some small factory in Italy.


Don’t let the low suspension fool you, the Subaru is a comfy car. It’s a smooth ride on city roads, and can handle the country ones just fine. It all goes back to its performance in rally races and street races. If it can handle those easily enough, your everyday drive is going to be like a dream.


For a car with great performance and handling, you’d think the Subaru would at least fail on being a good family car. You’d be wrong. It’s a four-door car, with some fairly good trunk space. Granted it might be a little flashy for a quiet family holiday somewhere.

Compelled by all these reasons to try out a Subaru? See if your local dealership allows for test drives. Then you can see for yourself.

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