Will a DWI Affect My Car Insurance?

In most cases, a DWI will result in an increase in auto insurance premiums. Depending on your insurance company and driving record there may also be other consequences.

Premium Increases

Statistics show that the average rate increase after a driving while intoxicated conviction is 72% and the premium increase may last as much as five years. The reason for this increase is that drivers with DWI convictions are considered a higher risk to cause an accident. Rates vary by company and some companies may not charge as much for DWI car insurance King George VA as others.


Higher premiums aren’t the only consequence you may face if you receive a DWI conviction. Some insurance companies will refuse to renew the policy of a driver with a DWI and drivers who have been dropped by their insurance company, for this reason, may have a hard time finding new insurance elsewhere. If you do find coverage, you will likely be charged higher premiums as a high-risk driver

Other Factors

How much a DWI impacts your insurance depends on several other factors. Younger drivers are already considered high risk by insurance companies, so young drivers who get a DWI may have a particularly difficult time finding affordable insurance. Young drivers average about three times as large a rate increase after a DWI conviction as older drivers.

Insurance companies weigh the most recent three to five years of your driving record the heaviest, so the longer ago your DWI was, the less it will affect your rates. Additionally, getting a DWI when you already have a DWI on your record will usually result in larger increases than the first DWI. 

DWI convictions can make auto insurance expensive and difficult to obtain. Most drivers can expect to see substantial rate increases and some may have difficulty finding insurance at all.

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